Coxes back in court over baby’s safety following 911 call

Published 9:18am Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Updated 11:56am Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A 911 call sparked a request for an emergency hearing, held March 8, in the custody case of a two-year-old girl. The emergency hearing was continued Wednesday.

According to court documents, a 911 was received from Bobbi Teeple’s home Feb. 26. There was reportedly drinking involved and an argument ensued between Teeple, who has limited visitation rights with her granddaughter, Emma Cox, and her husband. Emma was not at the Teeple home at the time of the 911 call.

Affidavits indicate Grandparents Darrin and Catherine Cox are “extremely concerned” about the safety of Emma, and requested that visits with Teeple be suspended temporarily.

No action was taken by Judge Senyk Wednesday; the hearing was taken under advisement and a ruling in the case is still possible.

The Coxes were initially awarded temporary custody of their granddaughter after their 17-year-old son, Dylan Cox, shot and killed his 16-year-old girlfriend, Tabitha Belmonte, and then himself.

The teenagers and their baby were living with the Coxes in Amor when the murder-suicide took place in March 2011. They were granted full custody on Dec. 31.

Teeple, Belmonte’s mother, had also sought custody but Senyk granted her limited visitation.

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