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Getting into the season: Time to dust off clubs

Published 10:06am Monday, April 22, 2013

It’s time to dust off the clubs and head out to the course. Are you ready for the season?

Some of us are lucky enough to have a chance to keep our game in shape through the winter. Others put the clubs away at the end of the season and don’t see them again until spring. Either way, it is important to get ready for the season and there are some things you can do before you even head out to the course. Here are some ideas to help you have your best season ever.

Make a list of goals, be it break 90, become a better chipper, lower your handicap by 3, or birdie each hole at least once this season. Break down larger goals into smaller steps and get to work.

Take a lesson right away; taking a lesson, before your old habits are back can jump start a great season. If you haven’t swung the club all winter, this is a great time to break old habits.

Warm up; if you haven’t swung a club over the winter, start easy and start with small swings before taking that driver out.

Stretch and walk; get out and do some walking and make sure you stretch out those muscles that might have spent a winter hunched over a hole in the ice. We are hearing now that distance loss as golfers get older is more related to loss in flexibility than loss of muscle.

I wish you the best season of your career and look forward to seeing you out there.

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