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Hospital should restrict sale of sugary beverages

Published 9:21am Friday, April 19, 2013 Updated 11:22am Friday, April 19, 2013

In an April 14, 2013 editorial regarding the sale of sweetened soda at Lake Region Health Care in Fergus Falls, the editor takes a laissez-faire attitude regarding the choice of individuals whether or not to buy sugar-saturated beverages available for purchase within the facility.

Or should they advocate for the health and welfare of patients, visitors and anyone passing through, by discontinuing the sale of these addictive, unhealthful beverages?

Recently the long-term effects of consuming massive amounts of sugar, usually in beverages, has been identified as a major factor in the obesity epidemic currently raging in the United States, especially noticeable in children and young people.

Health care professionals note that obesity among the young often leads to serious medical problems in later life.

This subject is just beginning to be discussed as a major health concern that needs to be addressed.

I am surprised that The Daily Journal has taken the position that people should make their own choices regarding the food and beverages they consume while within the Lake Region Health Care facility, an institution dedicated to the health of the community. Should not this institution be taking a leadership role in attitudes toward healthier habits? Is the health care community here just to bind up wounds after the damage is done, or to help prevent damage in the first place by setting a better example?

I understand the Fergus Falls school system has stopped selling sweetened pop in the schools. Good for them. That was a wise and responsible decision.

I hope other institutions in a position to do so will follow suit. Americans are alarmed over the dramatic increase in the cost of health care. Our country is facing an enormous economic challenge in the not so distant future, with rapidly growing health care costs to be paid for through Medicare and Medicaid. You and I help pay those costs with our taxes.

Public policy that encourages healthy life styles makes sense and could help control health care costs long range. People making their own choices, as The Daily Journal recommends, is certainly the best way most of the time, but when those choices adversely affect long term health care costs, paid for in part with taxpayer money?

People can choose to drink pop at home, in restaurants and fast food places, or buy it at grocery stores and drug stores, but do they need to buy and consume it at the Health Care Center? That seems counter- intuitive to me.

Liz Sweder, Fergus Falls


  • holly

    Liz – I’ve always thought that you were “pro-choice” – that we women should be able to choose what we do with our bodies – that nobody can tell us what to do when it comes to a woman’s health. Now you’re saying that I can’t choose when and where I can drink a sugared beverage because of the impact it may (or may not) have on my health? Really? If you had a little more money, you could be the nanny-state mayor of New York City.

  • camobabe

    Liz, in just a few months your Supreme Leader fot Life, the Annointed One, B.H. 0bama will see his socialized medicine scheme take total control of our hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses. Call him up and get him to make you commissar of our hospital and you can spend your first day in charge taking a hatchet to the vending machines.

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    Holly and Camilla – You two have to be some of the most arrogant commentators I have ever run across. Can you two just put your hatred aside for just once and see the significance of Liz’s letter? Are the two of you suffering from “Ann Coulter Syndrome?”

    Your probably against against putting the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarette packages? You want to eliminate nutritional facts on food products? Want to bring back cocaine in Coke products? Open the door for selling illegall drugs because people’s freedoms are being restricted?

    Seriously, the two of you have got some real problems if you even ridicule what this lady wrote. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

    • camobabe

      Alias Elliott, prove a single one of the accusations you have made and rendered me guilty on.

      The fact is that you and Liz Sweder are two radical leftists, and Liz has repeatedly written some of the most vicious attacks against conservatives on every level. It is comical to read that we should not criticiize this leftist attack machine Liz Sweder. Her only real reason to write this criticism is that like you and her fellow radical leftists, she wants to impose dictatorial rules over everyone and all of their activities, regardless the area of endeavor.

      • Richard Olson

        Hey Camilla, I hope I’ve caught you mid-bounce. It’s fun watching you leap to unwarranted conclusions when you perceive what’s left of any integrity you may have possessed in the past is insulted.

        Elliot did not accuse you of anything. He asked you some questions. Do you see those little characters that look like this…”?”…? Well Camilla those are called “question marks” and people put them at the end of a sentence when the sentence itself is a question. In this case Elliot, put question marks at the end of the 6 sentence’s in which he asked you a question. In your paranoia you immediately perceived those 6 questions as accusations and began bouncing off the walls again. Further, in your race to faulty conclusions, you failed to notice that Elliot uses only one “T” in his name. T’s look like this “T or t”.

        You may now resume bouncing.

      • Elliot Dallavalle

        Did you just get out of High School Camilla? You seem obsessed with belittling people for no apparent reason. Were you a member of the mean girls club? If another person (in this case a woman) writes an informative column, you (and Holly) have to find a way to criticize her. Her column makes sense.

        Would you find a dental office with a vending machine dispensing candy? Would a health store carry cigarettes? Did you see the Jamie Oliver (he’s a famous chef) series where he took on the Los Angeles school district and made them stop selling flavored milk? He showed the amount of sugar students consume in just one day from flavored milk. It filled a school bus. It shocked the parents and they finally were able to convince the school district to drop flavored milk. It’s all sugar btw. Liz’s letter is how healthy movements are started. But of course, you think that is an infringement of your rights.

        I am not surprised by your demeaning manor and dialogue. Spare me your chatter. Liz has a valid point and that is all she wanted to make. Maybe the Hospital will recognize their stupidity and drop the soda. Seems logical to me and if you don’t like it, bring your own soda. Nobody is stopping you there.

        • camobabe

          Alias Elliott, your last sentence sums up your arrogant leftist self when you denouncethe hospital’s “stupidity”. If anyone ddiffers in opinion with any of you radlibs, they , of course, are “stupid”, as only radlibs have the “correct” answers to anything.

          And, Ackermunk’s rant on punctuation notwithstanding, you are merely practicing a tactic of radicals (including press) of phrasing accusations as rhetorical “questions”.
          Nice try comrade.

          • Richard Olson

            There you go Camilla…it’s a vast left wing conspiracy because you don’t know what a question mark is.

          • Elliot Dallavalle

            Interesting that you call me your comrade. Sorry to say but I am not your companion. You are in a gulag all by yourself.

            But getting back to the original letter, which seems to me that you want to evade completely.

            For both you and Holly, you must be aware that two women I am sure you hold with high esteem, Laura and Barbara Bush, both advocated for women’s health during their years as First Lady. Within the last 8 years, sugary soft drinks have been shown to contain carcinogens and extremely high levels of sugar which lead to weight gain and heart conditions (go ahead and critize scientists here.) Women expecially are at risks because diet drinks are heavily consumed by that group in particular. Both the Bush ladies were strong advocates for more awareness regarding women’s health issues and strongly encouraged more information regarding fatty and sugary products and their dangerous effects on women’s health. This appears to be exactly what Liz is referring to. Now if you resent this, you obviously resent what the two First Ladies were trying to accomplish. Too bad. They were only trying to help people like the two of you.

            But if you believe they are infringing on your rights, then following your arguement, you must obviously be OK with selling condoms at the local candy store. Have fun shopping!

          • Richard Olson

            Elliot, Camilla and a few other people with little communication, much less social skills have made it a practice to substitute insinuation of impersonation for content, in the vain hope readers won’t notice they can offer nothing substantive to the conversation.

            Therefore 999 times out of 1000 their sole contribution will be limited to casting doubt on the authenticity of your username. In their shallow minds such insinuations defeats’ your comment without the necessary resort to facts. In other words….”you must be wrong because I think you’re someone else”.

            Such logic passes for science at tea party meetings, but makes them look foolish when offered here.

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