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Ideas galore at Pinterest site

Published 4:42am Monday, April 8, 2013 Updated 6:46am Monday, April 8, 2013

After a rather long hiatus from writing a column, and the many kind words I’ve heard from fans, I am planning to write a semi-regular column again.

Sometimes, the column will appear as a food column and at other times it will appear as my musings on a topic.

If you don’t like the topic, don’t read the column.

This first column back, I must share with you my new obsession — Pinterest.

Luckily, I am not alone in this obsession, as hundreds of very fine people in Otter Tail County also think the Internet site is pretty cool. A couple people have even gone so far as to say it could be the new Google.

A couple years ago, a friend was talking about how she found something for supper on Pinterest and intrigued, I went to the website.

I didn’t get it.

I like technology, but much like new fashion trends catching on in the Midwest, I’m always a couple years behind.

However, a few weekends ago, something made me return to the Pinterest site, and I was engaged for roughly 12 hours over two days.

Wow. I found recipes, home decorating ideas for me and craft projects for the kids in our home. There was plenty of inspirational verses, quick exercise programs and even spring wardrobe ideas. And so much more.

Apparently Pinterest made some changes to its site since I explored it a couple of years ago because it was very easy to set up an account and start pinning ideas that interested me.

I created eight to 10 boards initially, which I have since added to, and try to visit Pinterest only a couple times a week now.

A couple of local women I talked to for a story appearing in “In Good Company,” later this month, said they, too, had to limit their time on the site, and have a focus.

One of the women I spoke with, a college English instructor, found more than the superficial crafts, fashions and foods, though, an unexpected bonus, she said.

Try typing in a topic of interest and see what comes up. She tried sexism and a plethora of images, such as old posters popped up, along with discussions on the topic.

She was amazed at all the information available and planned to bring it up in her classroom.

Another woman, the mother of four daughters, a homeschooler, professional birth coach and blogger, pins ideas for her children and her husband.

He likes the projects his wife pins for him, he said, complete with tutorials, though I thought I detected a hint of sarcasm in his voice, so I don’t know how serious his comments were.

But his wife said there are lots of men on the site, too. They are always surprised at who is “following” her on Pinterest.

Which brings up an interesting issue. I have a board labeled “Personal best” onto which I pin things that inspire me or make me think or are life philosophies I would like to more emulate or believe to be true.

A few days later, I visited Pinterest and saw a few people were following that board.

What could I possible have there that others would find that interesting or meaningful, I thought. It sort of unnerved me.

That is a concern for two women I talked to, as well. The mother of four only lets her daughters pin from her or each other. And the teacher hesitated before pinning some things that some members of her family might find offensive. She pinned them anyway, she said, because the pins reflected who she is and she wanted them a part of her collection.

But the mother of four said she is more careful after finding content on her site which she would not have pinned. Turns out, she had started following a pinner because she liked those pins. However, the pinner added additional boards with different content, offensive to the mother.

There is a way to follow only a board, she said, and now she only follows boards, not pinners.

I have to say, after talking with these women, and from my own experiences, I like Pinterest.

It offers hundreds of thousands of ideas, some which I like, some which I am not interested in, but it is fun to fill my head with new thoughts and ideas and projects. Best of all, I can find them again.

So take the Pinterest plunge, and let me know what you think.



























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