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Voters say “no” to outdoor facilities bond

Published 9:53pm Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fergus Falls residents voted down Tuesday’s outdoor facilities bond referendum, 2107 to 1700. For full coverage, see tomorrow’s edition of the Daily Journal.

  • zemogfan

    Just further supports my decision not to move my family back to my hometown. Why don’t the citizens of Fergus Falls understand. The more students the district loses/does not gain, the less money they get from the state. These facilities that NOTHING to do with the actual athletics they would have been used for. They had to do with attracting new “customers.” (aka families with children)to gain more “revenue” (from the state) to create a better overall education experience for the students in the Fergus Falls School District.

    • Cascade

      I agree – this is unfortunate, but not surprising at all. I’m afraid folks are still bitter about the way the ice arena was handled.

  • doctipster

    Lucky, had I been in town and remembered that the vote was today we could have had two more votes against this atrocity. Both My wife and I forgot that the bond was yesteday.

    In hindsight, The school really tried to do a number on sneaking this one in. Not only was it on a non election date, but then they switched polling places at the last minute to further confuse people. thank you taxpayers of FF residents, I sincerely applaud this effort to defeat the wasteful spending of our school district.



    At some point the FF school district will have to realize that this wasteful spending is no longer going to fly. You are right, the 33.5 Million dollar band aide, that ended up costing us far more, and the hockey arena have left horrible tastes in our mouth, we will not forget. And if the school keeps trying to push this down our throats with vote after vote after vote, they will find that the citizens will start voting NO for everything even when they ask for school bonds for educational purposes.


    • otterfan24

      the bond wasn’t just for new sports facilities. it would have provided outdoor opportunities for science classes along with much-needed outdoor space for phy-ed classes. take your blinders off and read what actually would have been built. this is a shame.

  • Frizzel

    If it’s that bad why don’t all of you get down to the football field and do some repairs yourselves. Kids go to school to learn, not play soccer or football. Right now, there isn’t enough emphasis on learning going on. Apparently this is starting w/ our adults and being taught to the kids. Also, in this economy it really doesn’t make a bit of sense to be raising taxes for a non-necessity does it??

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