14-year-old shoots pellet gun downtown [UPDATED]

Published 11:06am Thursday, May 16, 2013 Updated 11:06am Thursday, May 16, 2013

A man reported to the Fergus Falls Police Department that his wife was struck just above the eye with a pellet from a pellet gun in the 500 block of Lincoln Avenue Wednesday evening. The injury broke the skin, but was not severe.

The couple reported that a 14-year-old male had admitted to shooting in the direction of people in order to scare them.

A different couple driving on the street also reported that their vehicle was struck late that evening.

When police arrived on the scene, the suspect admitted that he had accidentally shot someone, but was only aiming at trees and had not meant any harm. He also admitted aiming for a neighbor’s house and a vehicle traveling on Lincoln.

The suspect said he was bored at home and decided to shoot his gun when asked about the incident. He was arrested and taken to juvenile detention. He is expected to be charged Friday.

  • P. Carlson

    What happened to this story? Most of it is blocked. 12 od the 15 lines are missing.

  • camobabe

    Is this the same kid who delights in running into traffic on Lincoln, then doing the dirty boogie, forcing all traffic to stop so he can show off his moves?

    I have been one of the drivers who had to endure that young man’s nonsense, and recall that he was moved out of the street by another woman driver who had had enough of his act, and slowly edged her car to about two feet behind him ,then gave a blast of her loud horn, causing him to jump in startlement. He flipped her off, but by then he was far enough to the side of the street that traffic could resume.

    And, I know that at least one person called the police during a repeat performance by the kid last summer.

    If this is the same kid, the police would be justified in telling the court that he seems to exhibit escalating confrontational behavior. Treating this kind of behavior with kid gloves can encourage him to believe that he can get away with anything, and then we will all have to deal with the consequences of that attitude.

    • Walt Henry

      Are you saying, “Increase my taxes and lock the kid up?” Camilla, think things through before you make a suggestions.

    • Richard Olson

      Yeah, but he’s still OK to get a gun like an assault rifle right? Because to deny this kid a gun would be tyranny.

  • mike weller

    This makes the news?Only in small town F.F.

    BREAKING NEWS: This just in…..”The wind blew!”.,
    Check back later for Updates.

  • camobabe

    Larry/Walt, Curly/Acker/Moe.

    How refreshing to see that you are both still relentlessly waging your wars against your mental health.

    • Walt Henry

      Camilla, other people read these comments. I’m merely pointing out you seem to be an “increase my taxes”, “bigger, more intrusive government” kind of person. Your words might say differently but the reality of what you suggest indicates you are. Interesting, self-deceived, but interesting.

    • Richard Olson

      Alias Camilla, glad you finally agree that the NRA’s position on gun ownership is mentally unhealthy. What took so long?

      • camobabe

        Not so, Curly Ackerman. The NRA is resolute in its advocacy of swift and harsh punishment of those who abuse weapons, even non firearms such as the BB gun in this incident.

        Contrast that with the intentions of you and your fellow lunatic fringe on the left who are intent on depriving all of us of the firearms we can use when our increasingly dictatorial government. We have a constitutionally guaranteed right to protect ourselves against government gone to tyranny, and the Constitution specifically allows us to keep and bear arms – much to the consternation of leftists who can’t wait to put their jackboots on the back of our necks and grind us into their slime.

        • camobabe

          Correction: my comment should read “fireams we can use when our increasingly dictatorial government MOVES TO DEPRIVE US OF OUR FREEDOM (words in caps were omitted)

          As a postscript I should add that the dictator 0bama is even now trying to coverup and trivialize the most recently exposed outrages in the Benghazi political coverup, the use of the IRS to abuse his opponents, his gifting Mexican drug cartels with automatic weapons to be used to kill police, both in Mexico and the USA.

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