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‘Broadway cow’ safe and sound at new home [UPDATED]

Published 9:24am Friday, May 17, 2013 Updated 11:28am Friday, May 17, 2013

I’m sure many people are wondering what happened to the cow at the “Cow House” on the corner of Broadway and Cavour in Fergus Falls.

The cow (whose name is Gwendolyn) was originally a birthday present from two sons to their mom. Once the kids grew up and moved out, the parents sold the house (to us). At the time, they didn’t have any place to put Gwendolyn, so she stayed with us.

And yes, the rumors are true: it was written into the purchase agreement that we would keep the cow “appropriately dressed” (which my mother did for many years until she became unable to do it anymore).

Over the years many people tried to buy the cow from us, but we always said she goes with the house.

However, when we recently put the house up for sale, Gwendolyn’s “real” mom called about her. One of her sons has a farm now, so that is where Gwendolyn has gone to live, on a farm with her original family.

So don’t worry; the cow was not stolen or vandalized, she simply went home.


Jane Geisinger

Fergus Falls


  • camobabe

    Good to know that Gwendolyn has found her way home.
    She entertained at least one generation of children, their parents and grandparent over the years.
    Did she get to take her wardrobe with her?

  • pacmomma

    I forgot all about Gwendolyn. Nice to hear that she’s been “moo”ved to her new home.

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