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Rothsay says ‘yes’ to new school [UPDATED]

Published 11:03am Friday, May 17, 2013 Updated 11:04am Friday, May 17, 2013

Supporters of a new school in Rothsay have reason to celebrate this morning.

Despite divided opinion and a referendum that failed by 12 votes in December, a majority of voters – 348 to 315 – voted Thursday in favor of a new $19 million school.

After another close vote, those associated with the school took the morning to celebrate the hard work of those who supported the referendum.

Bill Rose, who taught in the district from 1966 to 1994, said he thought the vote showed support for continued growth in the small town. In his opinion, the new space for the faculty will mean a better education for students.

“They have a tremendous faculty,” Rose said. “But if you get over 30 kids in a class you can’t take care of all of them.”

As a teacher, Rose saw the school renovated and added on to three times. After speaking to some of his former students, he said the town’s younger generation has something to look forward to.

“I called up my kids who had graduated, they are all happy too,” Rose said. “It’s a tremendous boost to the town.”

Ruth Anderson, a bus driver in the district, said younger generations are especially excited about the passage of the proposal. Over the 18 years she has worked in the district, she said she has seen a change in how active younger people are in the community.

“The young adults that have kids are getting much more involved,” Anderson said. “It’s working.”

Anderson also said that the students she drives to and from school everyday have also helped the effort.

“You would not believe how involved students are in these things,” Anderson said. “The kids were all very happy this morning. The right always comes out on top.”

On Monday night, the school board will accept the election results through a resolution. The next steps will be notifying the county and the Commissioner of Education. From there, the district will look forward to breaking ground.

For Superintendent Warren Schmidt, the district’s hard work has finally paid off.

“We’re very enthusiastic and relieved,” Schmidt said. “We’re looking forward to getting this project started.”

Thursday’s referendum asked residents for nearly $5 million less than the bond that failed in December. Schmidt said the board listened to the concerns of those initially against spending so much for a new building, but credits the “Vote Yes” committee for their hard work with the project.

“The formation of the ‘Yes’ committee was outstanding,” Schmidt said. “I think that’s what pushed it through.”

  • camobabe

    So, one of the major benefits of passing the referendum will be that the district can now hire more teachers? More money needed in the operating budget for salaries, benefits, retirement plans, excursions to seminars, conferences?

    The increase in the taxes of the residents of this district are not only going to absorb higher property taxes,but yearly increases to pay for the “necessary” increases in operating budget costs.

    • stymie

      When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll get Paul’s vote every time.

  • Walt Henry

    Our founding fathers established the “rule by majority” and codified it in our Constitution, modified only by certain specific rights which we believe are basic human rights. It seems sort of odd that some will claim to be true “Constitutionalists” yet only prove themselves so when they are in the majority.
    Principles matter–though, granted, they sometimes conflict with personal fantasies.

    • stymie

      If only our founding fathers could have envisioned a nation where the majority of citizens vote for a living instead of working for a living.

      • Walt Henry

        Bob, catchy phrase. I like that. But wonder if beneath it we consider if we have an obligation to keep our promises; individually and as a nation. I believe we do. That being the case, those obligations our great grand parents and our grand parents made together to provide some amount of security in retirement (Soc. Sec.) is one we should keep as is the promises our grand parents and our parents made to provide healthcare for our elderly (Medicare).
        Granted, others don’t think promises are important and I can’t be their judge.

        • stymie

          Those “promises” are debt obligations made by politians for the purpose of getting re-elected. We continue to pile on over $1trillion/year in new debt (MN house passes $2billion in new taxes. 5/20/2013). Do we have the moral right to make debt slaves of future generations so that we can maintain our standard of living? I say no.

        • stymie

          There seems to no end to the debt obligations (promises) made by our politicians to get re-elected. Do we have the moral right to take more and more wealth from people? Do we have the right to make debt slaves of future generations? I say no.

          • Walt Henry

            You jest! :) You have not seen the rapid growth in personal wealth at the top of the economic ladder and the shrinking of personal wealth at the bottom for the past 10 years? This trickle up is the result of those with money being able to better recover from our economic disaster as well as government policies that encourage a take from the poor and give to the rich movement of monies. (The poor can’t afford to skip sales taxes or property taxes passed on to them via their landlords. But the rich have lots of tax advantages. I know.)

  • camobabe

    You can’t create wealth by dividing wealth. Put two wolves and a lamb together to discuss what to have for lunch, and the lamb will certainly be unhappy with the outcome of the vote.

    It would come as no surprise to see people relocating out of the Royhsay school district and moving themselves, their companies into a less larcenous locale.

    • Walt Henry

      Camilla, you’re wrong again. When the government has the ability to “print” money and they choose to allow interest rates to go almost to zero the competition for funding to expand a business with the imposition of new/higher taxes doesn’t exist. That’s why some of our radicalized right hate the Fed so much. It makes their grade school understanding of economics worthless. ( I like the 2 wolves and lamb analogy. that’s why facts, math and an accurate understanding of history is so important and equally important is the need to speak truthfully and calmly with each other.

    • stymie

      Americans don’t want to hear your message because half of them are already financially dependent on the government already. When the money-printing scheme (QE to infinity) ends, anybody with any financial assets will be “Cyprused”. The MN legislature is now putting the finishing touches on a $2billion tax increase, and the Fed has made it clear that putting more debt on the backs of future generations is acceptable.

      • Walt Henry

        I don’t know who’s message is not being heard. Minnesota heard the call to reasonableness. You are including in your “facts” a whole bunch of Social Security recipients who are getting the return they’ve on their investments. I think they would object if you called them derogatory names. Btw–25% of the baby boomers who have retired live on no income other than their social security. 51% of the work force of the United States save zero dollars for their retirement. Why is this the case? Trickle Up economics and many who won’t think for themselves.

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