Published 11:11am Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(First Publication May 17, 2013)

Summary of Minutes of the
(Full Text Available at the Office of the
County Administrator
or at under Board of Commissioners)
Otter Tail County Government Services Center
April 23, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners:

1. Called to order the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners meeting at 9:30 AM.

2. Approved payment of the County Board bills as follows.

3. Authorized the Solid Waste Director to move a Recycling Worker to an Operator position and an Operator to a Truck Driver position and hire two Recycling Workers for the summer season.

4. Approved Change Order No. 8 for Project No. 1119, Phase 1 Courthouse Remodeling, in the amount of $7,776.18 payable to Comstock Construction Inc. of Fergus Falls, MN.

5. Authorized Architect, David Schultz to request bids for the Phase 2 Remodeling project at the Courthouse May 1, 2013.

6. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No.
2013-31. (Foster Care Month)

7. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-32. (Child Care Provider week)

8. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-33. (Mental Health Awareness Day)

9. Authorized hiring for the following positions:
.5 FTE temporary Eligibility Worker Position in Human Services for a maximum of five months (May through September) to provide program services during medical leave of absence
two .8 FTE 4-H summer assistants contracted through the University of MN Extension Service for 10 weeks during the summer of 2013

10. Approved 1 Human Services contract.

11. Authorized use of the SNAP performance bonus funds, in the amount of $9,041.00, to be used for staffing due to caseload growth, as recommended by the Community Services Director.

12. Approved the Human Services Bills and Claims as presented.

13. Approved an Agreement between the County of Otter Tail and Houston Engineering, Inc. to develop a web-based tool for editing land-use polygons for Otter Tail County that will be used for Crop Productivity Index calculations for agricultural land assessments.  The estimated cost for the work is $18,907 and will be paid out of the Recorder’s Fees.  The Land Services Director indicated that this contract will replace the previous contracts approved on April 9, 2013 with Houston Engineering.

14. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution         No. 2013-34. (OCGA)

15. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution
No. 2013-35. (Sno Cruisers)

16. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution
No. 2013-36. (Snow Drifters)

17. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution
No. 2013-37. (Otter Trail Riders)

18. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute a Grant Agreement between the State of Minnesota DNR and County of Otter Tail for an aquatic invasive species reimbursement grant, in the amount of $7,750.00.

19. Authorized an increase of hours for a Public Health Nurse from thirty to forty hours per week from May 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013.  The additional ten hours per week will be used for the PartnerSHIP for Health collaborative project.

20. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-38. (Medicare)

21. Approved 3 Liquor License and 1 Tobacco License.

22. Adjourned at 11:53 AM.
Warrants Approved On 4/23/2013 For Payment 4/23/2013
Vendor Name     Amount
A’viands LLC     $4,645.11
American Welding & Gas Inc     $16.11
Anoka County Medical Examiner     $2,000.00
Association Of Mn Counties     $175.00
Aurochs Veterinary Service    $1,114.75
Bachman Printing Companies     $250.87
Barna, Guzy & Steffen LTD    $39.00
Cargill Inc    $36,833.30
Carr’s Lake Country Supermarket     $13.37
Citizens Advocate     $14.50
CO OP Services Inc     $287.68
Code 4 Services LLC     $4,974.76
Coopers Technology Group     $659.88
Craig’s Towing & Repair    $301.92
D & V’s Perham Bakery     $14.40
Denzel’s Region Waste Inc     $760.00
Dex East     $23.25
Eastwood/Garrett     $150.00
Envirotech Services Inc     $11,237.07
Fergus Falls Daily Journal     $154.63
Fitzgibbons/Barry     $40.00
Fjestad/Zach    $35.84
Foth Infrastructure & Environ LLC     $2,138.16
Galls LLC     $2,879.59
Godfathers Exterminating Inc     $350.66
Hedahls Headquarters     $8.69
Herman/Crystal     $281.77
Herness Construction LLC     $3,104.72
Innovative Office Solutions     $51.31
Kelly Services Inc     $1,233.56
Key Government Finance Inc     $8,788.78
Lakes Area Cooperative     $2,277.92
Larry Ott Inc Truck Service     $725.00
Lawson Products Inc     $451.09
Little Falls Machine Inc     $964.50
Manny’s – Rocky’s Bait     $865.74
Marco Inc    $119,427.75
Marpa Group/The     $3,231.01
MFIA     $200.00
M Enviro Services INC     $54.00
Mn Bureau Of Criminal Apprehensio     $500.00
Mn Dept Of Transportation     $4,247.45
NAPA Central MN     $195.23
NAPA Fergus Falls    $107.02
Nelson Auto Center     $132,711.24
Occupational Development Ctr Inc     $1,554.39
Olson/Richard     $2,351.80
Otter Electric LLC     $206.50
Otter Tail Co Treasurer     $4,024.34
Otter Tail Co Treasurer     $1,575.96
Penrose Oil Company     $5,701.93
Personnel Evaluation Inc     $40.00
Pete’s Body Shop & Towing     $1,126.18
Pine Plaza TV & Appliance     $91.25
Pitney Bowes     $2,534.00
Praxair Distribution Inc     $129.27
Pro Ag Farmers Co Op     $2,915.92
PSS World Medical INC     $175.98
Quartermaster     $22.69
Quick’s Napa Auto Parts     $134.64
Quill Corporation     $118.32
Recycling Association Of Minnesota     $150.00
Service Food Super Valu     $13.99
Shopko    $42.94
Signworks Signs & Banners Llc     $1,754.97
Streichers     $1,873.42
Thrifty White Pharmacy    $55.28
Titan Machinery Inc     $58.85
Visual Gov Solutions LLC     $177.29
Voss Lighting     $127.61
West Payment Center     $208.65
Final Total:     $375,702.80

Publication Date: May 17, 2013.

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