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Authorities arrest man for nudeness

Published 11:01am Thursday, May 23, 2013

A 35-year-old man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after reportedly walking around naked in Lidgerwood, N.D., according to a news release from the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.

A Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call at 3:22 p.m. of a naked man walking around Park Avenue West near the Lidgerwood Pool and arrested him on arrival.

As the Lidgerwood man was being taken to the Richland County Jail, he reportedly broke a rear window out of the patrol car and escaped about seven miles north of Lidgerwood running on foot. He was found about 45 minutes later about a 1/2 mile from where he escaped.

He was taken to Sanford Hospital in Fargo for evaluation after being booked in Richland County Jail. Charges are pending and include disorderly conduct, escape and resisting arrest.

  • jdartin

    Why is this in the “Fergus Falls” paper?….it happened in Lidgerwood ND

  • kamso21

    Because, “Fergus Falls” doesn’t have enough news to tell.

  • firedome60

    With the limited space available to them due to ads occupying over half of the site(especially that cute zinc ad bar that forever keeps sliding in from the right side covering up whatever you’re trying to read),they have to be very selective as to pertinent news content.

  • camobabe

    Ummm… Is it the duty of this newspaper to ensure that we are not informed of events outside of our small circle of life? Is that why we have the displeasure of the writers who are obviously disturbed to read of events elsewhere?

    BTW, those zinc ads and other “pop ups” which annoy you?
    Lay that blame where it belongs, on the “free” internet provider ( google’s gmail, or yahoo, to name a couple) who earn mega bucks selling the right to intrude in their “free” subscribers screens with ads and promos. You can prevent all that by paying to use a provider who gives you the option of blocking all unwanted ads and displays.

    And, in case nobody ever told you, newspapers, including online news, earn their way by the sales of ads, and to deprive them of those sales would leave then unable to pay the people who work for them, or to pay for the lights and heat and water and insurance and keep the tax man content with his collections. Nothing in life is free, nor is life or the world fair, as most people learn when they are ejected from the the indulgent cocoon of high school into the cold cruel world.

    • BrendanJanssen

      >Implying advertising from Zinc pays out “megabucks” hahahahaha

  • kamso21

    Chill out.

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