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Buffalo may have been protecting calves

Published 10:57am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calving season could be one explanation for why a buffalo might trample someone, according to Dale Rengstorf, of Pelican Rapids and a member of the Minnesota Buffalo Association.

“They will try to defend their offspring, and this is calving season right now,” Rengstorf said.

It’s his best guess as to what might have happened Friday just west of Amor when two 3-year-old boys were trampled by several buffalo Friday morning, according to a news release from the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office.

The children were conscious when authorities arrived. One of the boys was transported to Fargo by Life-Flight.

The boys wandered from their home into a secured, fenced-in area where buffalo were kept around 10 a.m. Friday at 34761 County Hwy. 74, according to the news release. The mother found the boys, but not before they were trampled by the buffalo.

He added that an incident like this could even happen in the beef business if a rancher tries to tag a calf.

“Animals are just that way,” Rengstorf said.

Battle Lake Rescue and Fergus Falls Ringdahl Ambulance responded to the scene.

  • kmb56537

    So you have reported the same story 3 times with no new information. All you did this time was add that it might be because it was calving season. How about talking with the owner of the buffalo or talking with the parents. Or just drop the story until you have something useful to report.

    • PJohnson

      Both boys are going to recover, one was released from Sanford Children’s Hospital on Monday. The other boy had internal injuries, he was moved from ICU on Monday and continues to improve. Keep the boys in your thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  • jdartin

    because all the writer ever does is copy and paste the sheriff and police reports, and adds in catchy title…..

    • camobabe

      On the other hand, since there are a large portion of our population who tend to “humanize” other species, and attribute to the animals the civilized behavior we expect
      from people, this article may serve to advise other parents that it is definitely unsafe to allow their children to approach animals of any type without an adult nearby.

      There is a significant element of parental negligence in this story, much like the tales of children drowning when mom or dad let them out of their sight. In this instance the Journal is worthy of being commended for alerting adults of the danger of interacting with wild animals.
      Just because the buffalo were penned or caged did not change their innate nature, nor their instincts to protect their young from other species.

      I was raised on a dairy farm, and my parents and older siblings made sure I kept away from the young of our cows, pigs, sheep until well after they were weaned. It is tragic what has happened to these innocent children, and the more information the media gives to others, the more likely it is that other children will be protected by adults from a recurrence of this kind of event.

      • Steph

        I feel so bad for these little guys. But to throw the phrase “significant element of parental neglect” around is pretty harsh. Have you ever had a three year old boy? It literally takes a second while you’re using the restroom, watching something boil, sweeping the floor etc… and they can be gone, baby gone. Now times this by two. The saying goes “One boy has a brain, two boys have half a brain and three boys have no brain at all.’ I’m sure the mother feels horrible and doesn’t need someone calling her neglectful. Yes, teach your kids that most animals are dangerous and that they should stay away without parental supervision, but please don’t pass judgement on someone or some incident you really don’t know about. And since I don’t know the details, I am giving the mother the benefit of the doubt because I HAVE a three year old boy. I know how it goes.

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