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Gas prices soar this spring

Published 11:00am Monday, May 20, 2013

As the temperature starts to rise this week, so have the numbers drivers pay at the pump.

On Friday morning, the Holiday station in Fergus Falls sold regular unleaded gasoline at $3.99 a gallon. By the afternoon, the cost had spiked 20 cents to $4.19. That price was constant around town, except for a few places, like the Sunmart Express, that were at $4.15.

According to the USA Today, gas prices in the Midwest have jumped because of a drop in production at regional refineries.

Regular, unleaded gas averaged $4.15 across the state on Friday, which is an all-time state record. With the jump, Minnesota overtook California as the state with the highest prices in the country.

  • camobabe

    And those prices are going even higher because of the DFL majorities in the state legislatire voting to increase the gas taxes and Marx Dayton eagerly waiting with his pen to sign this nonsense into law.

    • Richard Olson

      Hey alias Camilla, are you so out of touch that you would post a comment that is 180 degrees from the truth about a gas tax hike or are you just appealing to those ill-read, ill-advised Fox News viewers who don’t know any better.

    • Walt Henry

      It’s official. No increase in gas taxes. And Chicken Little’s prediction was wrong too. Isn’t there something sinful about bearing false witness or does it just mean a person’s opinion is of no value?

  • concerned

    same as always, the hike in prices has very little to do with politics and much to do with supply and demand.
    the oil industry makes more per gallon by producing less.
    plain and obvious

    • walleye29

      The oil supply reduction is due to two refineries near Chicago halting production. The reason for the halt is a ” turn around”. this is basically a planned rehab of the infrastructure of an oil refinery. they knew this old happen for the past five years. instead of planning for the reduction of gasoline, the refineries choose to cause a shortage of product In order to increase prices. Oil companies are recording record profits while we give them tax breaks, so that they can export petrolium products that are needed right here in Minnesota!

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