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Handicapped parking is for those with handicaps

Published 3:59am Monday, May 20, 2013 Updated 6:01am Monday, May 20, 2013

That’s what the sign tells us. If you don’t have a handicap license plate or a card to hang or be placed somewhere it can be seen you are in violation of the law.

I’ve explained this to a couple of young women, one said to mind my own business and game me the one finger salute. The other told me to make love to myself, in words that can’t be printed here.

I would say that these two are the ones who play their radios so loud they can be heard blocks away, usually with a little child strapped in by the blaring speakers.

Do you think these little people will grow up with hearing problems? I know it bothers my ears many car lengths away.


Dave Thompson

Fergus Falls

  • camobabe

    Mr. Thompson, don’t you realize that if you are young and pretty, you are exempt from all laws of motor vehicle operation, whether on the road or when parking wherever and however you want?

    And, the loud music? We mustn’t deny any young person or old hippie the artistic freedom to do as they please with their radios. We might stunt their emotional growth and sense of unbridled self esteem if we do. That might lead them to drug abuse and a life of crime, and all because there are meanies who at some point told them , “No! You may not do that.”

  • Frizzel


    Yes, you should not park in the handicapped spot but loud music does not lead to drug abuse and a life of crime. My gosh what a bunch of curmudgeons on here.

  • concerned

    why weren’t police informed? illegally using handicap parking is a crime incurring at the least a $100.00 fine.
    as for drug use and what not, I doubt music and/or art have anything to do with but I’m not expert, none of my children have attempted to burn down homes or kill people as a the result of a drug deal gone bad like for example someone else with the last name Ryan in this community has.

    • Frizzel

      It doesn’t. I’ll still turn my music up loud when I feel the need and I love art. Yes I am an artist of sorts. Nothing along the lines of Monet or Picasso but I still can create. I don’t indulge in mushrooms, weed or excessive amounts of alcohol so I guess that idea is out the window. People like to scream like crazy about others when they are just trying to push attention away from their own problems.

      • camobabe

        For Don Johnson and Frizzel Briscoe:

        Your rash and intemperate remarks about someone named Ryan committing crimes? Do not attempt to connect me or any member of my family to that person, as you seem to insinuate. Neither I nor any member of my family are related to the person(s) you have attempted, through insinuation, to connect.

        Ryan is the name I took when I married my dear and decent husband. My husband hails from a State several hundred miles from here and is not connected in any way to the persons or deeds you reference.

        Tell me, if someone named Johnson committed a crime, would you connect everyone with that family name with that criminal, and insinuate that those other Johnsons were connected and complicit in the crime?

        You can offer opinion here, but to falsely create the impression I am connected to a drug crazed arsonist with the same last name is the depth of defamation.

        Retract your statement.

        • Frizzel

          I didn’t say anything about anyone named Ryan. I’m just saying that people that blame others for total BS like you do (loud music and artistic freedoms) usually have an underlying problem that they themselves have not dealt with. As I stated, art and loud music does not in any way equate one with drug abuse and crime. Wish I knew where you lived so I could drive by your house with my Metallica cranked to the max while waving and smiling at you : ) So Mrs. Ryan, I retract SQUAT! Now go back to your decent life that obviously no one else can equal up to and hope that your cracks don’t show through to the neighbors and the obviously flawed people who like music other than Yanni.

        • Richard Olson

          Ha ha alias Camilla, what goes around, comes around. How does it feel to be the subject of a rumor rather than the source?

          You never tire of spreading rumors about Obama and anyone with a Liberal persuasion on these pages. It’s refreshing to see you get some small portion of what you so willingly dose out to others.

        • BrendanJanssen

          So Camilla can spread the gossip but cannot take it when directed at her? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

          Also, I wonder if that state your husband hails from happens to be New York. Maybe, perhaps, Huntington Station?

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