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Legislative session reveals truth on myths

Published 9:48am Friday, May 31, 2013 Updated 11:50am Friday, May 31, 2013

The just finished session of the Minnesota legislature exposed the truth about myths the Democrats foist upon us.

Myth 1: “The Democrats are the party of the little guy and the middle class”. The results of the Democrat controlled session should dispel that myth forever. All Minnesotans will pay more in their family budgets for such things as childcare, healthcare, cable TV, electricity.

Even worse are the things the Democrats tried to pass , but ran out of time to do before the mandatory end of the session: increases in gas taxes, new taxes on clothing, insurance, snack foods, alcoholic beverages.

Can anyone doubt that they will try again next year to force those outrages on us?

Myth 2: “Your property taxes will go down.” While the Democrats claim they are lowering property taxes,they have not reduced the statewide property tax, only paid more aid to local governments with LGA. But, they have raised other taxes to pay for the LGA, and the only people who will get tax reductions are those who live in a city that receives LGA.

That leaves out half the people in the state. If history is any guide, mayors and city councils will find ways to spend the new money rather than lowering your property taxes. Homeowners have historically been hit with tax increases in years with LGA increases.

Myth 3: “Democrats are making up for ten years of budget cuts.” Public records put the lie to this. In budget years 2002-2003 State spending was $27 Billion.

Our current 2012-2013 budget is $35 Billion, a ten year increase of $8 Billion, or 30 percent. The Democrats and Mark Dayton just raised the State spending budget to $35 Billion, another 9 percent. How can anyone claim that this 39 percent growth in spending is ten years of budget cuts? Only Democrat math could arrive at such a conclusion.

There are many more Democrat untruths exposed in the foolish actions of this one party government gone wild with power. Let us pray we can avoid the calamities this burdensome spending will cause for families, for the employers who provide jobs and earnings to families, and the loss of the freedom of families to use their earnings for themselves instead of handing it over to a gluttinous government to

feed itself.


Camilla Ryan

Fergus Falls


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