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Rothsay residents get reminders of high taxes

Published 9:20am Thursday, May 30, 2013 Updated 11:23am Thursday, May 30, 2013

After reading the Fergus Falls Daily Journal report about the Rothsay “Yes” vote and the comment by “Yes” voters, what about balances in reporting?

I don’t believe anything was written about the “no” voters. This vote, if allowed to stand, will sentence our young farmers in the District to 30 years of hard labor if they can indeed survive with the added tax of the school bond.

Also, it robs the senior agriculture people of their retirement, property and income.

The township that I live in is short about five sections of tax paying land due to DNR and other entities which own land. So guess who pays extra?

The people in town who have an old house will, according to the superintendent, pay less taxes by voting for spending $20 million.

We are told the old school building is going to be sold. Who would buy it and pay commercial rate taxes on it?

Then, if not sold, it will be demolished. Well that’s nice as we are still paying taxes for the new heating system and probably other improvements.

A new addition is the superintendent’s request for Wilkin County. A sheriff for full time deputy to be placed in the school, paid for by the county and school. I’m trying to guess where that money is going to come from.

Yes, a new building sounds nice, but it has to be paid for and the District is way too small to carry such a debt. It will take money from the churches and other benevolent organizations represented by the people of the District.

The approach originally used by the Superintendent and supported by the school board has divided the community and churches in a way that cannot be fixed.

Every six months for 30 years we will be given a reminder of the excessive spending when we have to pay our real estate taxes.


Bob Westfall


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