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Spurs, Heat final an illusion of old vs. new

Published 9:58am Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As we get prepared for what looks to be a San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat NBA title series, many would argue it’s the old dynasty versus the new dynasty.

But take a closer look at each teams’ roster. While the Spurs stars (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker) are all in their 30s, the team is considerably younger than the much touted Heat. San Antonio’s average age is just over 28-years-old, while Miami is three years older at 31.

So what does this mean? How could a team that looks to rival the Jordan, Pippen and Rodman Bulls (sorry, figured I needed three) look like it should be asking for the senior discount at the movie theater?

Aging superstars.

The Heat’s roster boasts several serviceable, former superstars that are looking for one last ring to add to the mantle. Shooting guard Ray Allen left beantown in the offseason, forsaking a friendship with Kevin Garnett, to add a second ring, while Juwan Howard signed a 10-day contract, that has extended into the playoffs, in search of another title.

The Heat are taking a page out of the Lakers playbook as Los Angeles did the same thing in the mid-2000s when signing Karl Malone and Gary Payton. In comparison, the Spurs only non-starting veteran of note is Tracy McGrady, but McGrady is younger than both Ginobili and Duncan.

In my opinion, most of these veterans are tag-alongs and it diminishes their reputation as an athlete. Malone, himself, had memorable finals games against the Bulls, but after he jumped ship for a ring, in my eyes it tarnished his legacy. We all knew why he was there, but we also knew that Kobe and Shaq were the reason the team was great.

So why do we as fans love players that stay with one team, but also want our favorite players to win a title, even if it isn’t with our team?

Is it worth losing iconic status for a ring? Many would think so, but I would take the other route.


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