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Vehicles are deadly weapons [UPDATED]

Published 4:15am Monday, June 3, 2013 Updated 6:22am Monday, June 3, 2013

Maybe by accident or intentionally, cars could become a deadly weapon.

It is registered yearly and a fee paid.

I am not afraid to register my weapon, and would not complain if it was fired to get the ballistics on its bullets, to compare with what may be a weapon of question.

When it was right for everyone have a gun there was no such thing as a 30 round fully automatic assault weapon, but a single shot under bust. One shot reload, how long would that take to fire off 30 shots?

Yes if you are any good one shot would be enough.


Dave Thompson

Fergus Falls


  • camobabe

    Mr. Thompson, cars may be considered lethal weapons, as well as baseball bats. Does that give the 0bama NSA or IRS authority to imprison me if I drive my car to a baseball game? Can Dianne Feinstein have my assets siezed if I own a kitchen knife, since hundreds of people are attacked every year with kitchen knives?

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