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President’s decisions troubling [UPDATED]

Published 9:50am Friday, June 28, 2013 Updated 12:00pm Friday, June 28, 2013

President Obama has made some decisions, using the power of his unique position as the USA’s Chief Executive Officer, that are very troublesome to many tax-paying citizens of this, the greatest nation on the earth.

Many of his programs, departments, and committees were never acknowledged, debated, or approved by Congress. Some Senators and Representatives, by silent assent, have agreed with his decisions.

Other Senators and Representatives have chosen not to rock the boat, and have kept their objections to themselves, although a few courageous Legislators have dared to point out the obvious and endless flaws in many of those decisions.

Of every dollar spent to pay for those high-priced decisions, and the federal entities required to carry out those executive decisions, nearly forty cents was borrowed, often from China.

There is a thread running through those decisions a thread that threatens the very foundation of our country — a thread that will negate all the good for which the USA has stood. That threat is one word —control.

Our current federal administration has demonstrated repeatedly its voracious appetite to control —from bedrooms to banks, from cars to colas, from pills to pop.

That desire to dominate, to regulate, and to captivate is counter to the American traits of liberty, accountability, and self-sufficiency.

The longer that that control flourishes, with its increasing devastation, and its inevitably destructive consequences, the longer it will take to get back to an America that has known world-wide leadership, economic prosperity (free of an unheard of national debt), and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Sir Edmund Burke’s oft-quoted truism is applicable today — “All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” America needs a few good men, full of wisdom and courage, who will refuse to do nothing.


Dick Grenell


  • Elliot Dallavalle

    “Of every dollar spent to pay for those high-priced decisions, and the federal entities required to carry out those executive decisions, nearly forty cents was borrowed, often from China.”

    That’s down from 95 cents for every dollar when the Bush II war machine and tax credit to the wealthy was gearing up. I think the President is doing good trying to pay off “W” debt.

  • Renee Walkup

    THis is such a general opinion! Where are the facts of things. If by “pop” you mean NY City rules, that has nothing to do with the President. Sounds to me like another conservative doing the Obama hate speech that has no relavence.

  • Walt Henry

    It is worth remembering more than 50% of what a conservative says is either an outright lie or an often repeated statement for which there is no factual basis. This letter is in keeping with those averages. ( to debate there must first be something presented besides baseless opinion.)

  • Richard Olson

    I would have thought someone so upset about those decisions the President made, could have listed a few of them. Apparently the author is not as upset as he would have us believe.

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    Well Dick, you said: “America needs a few good men, full of wisdom and courage, who will refuse to do nothing.” You’re not going to find them in this Congress, which consists of the majority of Republicans, who have proudly branded themselves the “Do Nothing Congress.”

    You want more of them?

  • Richard Olson

    I thought I understood most of the convoluted thinking of knuckle draggers, but if you refuse to do nothing, aren’t you doing something?

    • J Mullins

      Wow! R.0. , you have given me something deep to ponder next time I am on the stool, while giving birth to a Democrat.

      • Walt Henry

        Just another example of Jerome’s conflicted understanding of the roles of women and men. No wonder he/she has trouble with gay marriage. Even in his own body the reproductive organs seem to be confused.

      • Richard Olson

        Stool?…….Oh, I get it. Republican headquarters.

  • Walt Henry

    Speaking of biology and physiological functions– There may be no hope for they way radical conservatives function.

  • Dan

    Dick, Would you give us something to back up your letter.
    I think you are blowing smoke up your —.

  • crucified

    The Demmy’s are funny. Anything that may be considered the least bit derogatory toward their man/woman, Demmy’s come un-glued. Why? It’s because Democrats fall in love. Their first response when somoene criticizes one of their Atheistic Socialist politicans is to insult G.W., or Romney, or Sarah Palin, etc. etc. They do this in an attempt to hurt our feelings, because their feelings are hurt when you criticize the one they love (almost worse than insulting their spouse). It doesn’t work with conservatives. We don’t fall in love with our candidates.

    G.W. Bush was a big spending liberal (not on the level with Obama), but still BIG. W. allied with Teddy (the murderer) Kennedy to give us NCLB. He along wth McCain and the other liberals attempted to grant amnesty to those who broke the law. After bringing down Saddam’s regime, he stayed in Iraq for many years i nan attempt to nation build. W. and most of the R.I.N.O.’s in the Republican party are liberals. The liberals in the Republican party have the same ideology as most of you radical socialists; they just move at a slower pace than the socialists in the Democrat party. Just be patient, you libearals are winning, regardless who’s in the White House.

    • Walt Henry

      Hmmm. So that’s what Merle thinks. Interesting.

    • Richard Olson

      Merle is correct when he says “It doesn’t work with conservatives. We don’t fall in love with our candidates.” Right on Merle, the only thing you conservatives fall in love with is “Money”. Money, money,money.

      • Walt Henry

        Money, money, money may have been the motive for the old Republican Party but since its been taken over by middle aged white men in the three cornered hats of olden times and the women they can deceive, the principle driving force seems to be fear. (Ever try to shut off the overhead bedroom light when you are too afraid to get out of bed? Yes, I was a child once too. I understand their fears. Sometimes to improve a situation you must muster your courage, confront your fears, get out of bed and hit the switch.)

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