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Corys build house from the ground up [UPDATED]

Published 5:29am Monday, June 10, 2013 Updated 7:31am Monday, June 10, 2013

As island music played in the background, Mark Cory closed a laptop and put his feet up, with his wife, Amy, nearby in their living room that overlooks the south shore of West Battle Lake. Each night when the sun sets, the Corys find a little vacation right at home.

“Some people have two places, and they go to the lake and rough it. It’s nice to have to take care of just one,” Amy said. “Even our neighbors have to pack up and leave. It’s fun to watch the lake just go to sleep on Sunday evenings when all the activity comes to a halt and we have our lake back.”

The couple bought the lot in 1997 and started building in 1998. They worked as general contractors for the build, and did much of the work on their own and with the help of friends.

The Corys built the three-level log home like many people build their favorite recipes: with a pinch of this and a dash of that, all from scratch. Amy picked ideas from magazines and put together the large section of windows that look out to the lake.

A photo album near the fire place, which Mark also completed the rock work on, holds pictures of Amy as she completed the sanding and finish work on the inside half of the logs.

Mark did the same finishing work on the outside. The D shape logs make up the inside and outside wall and are not just decorative siding.

“I kind of knew what I wanted the outside to look like,” Mark said. “It all just started with a notebook.”

Most importantly, the house is functional for their love of the lakes. Both are from the area and water activities were a major part of their childhood.

They’ve spent their entire married life on the water, with three years in a rental on Swan Lake before moving to West Battle. Now the

share the lake life with their two daughters, Grace and Hannah.

“We don’t just like it for the scenery, it’s recreational. Every season at the lake is enjoyable,” Amy said. “Our girls, they don’t know anything else. They were born lake girls.”

While their daughter visits with friends on the dock, the two looked back on just how important the opportunity to live near the water has been. Amy laughed at the fact that Mark, an avid barefoot water skier, bought a boat before a car out of college.

“It really feels like home to me,” Mark said. “Just all the recreational aspect of where we’re at, the nice small community, it’s all comfortable.”

With all the work and dedication they have put between the logs, the tall ceilings, the wide walls, it has given the family room to grow and love together. For the Corys, that is what makes their home so special.

“Living in a log home provides a warmth that isn’t just in the temperature,” Amy said. “The warmth when you walk in, when you smell a fire burning, that’s second to none.”

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