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Food Stamp costs are coming down

Published 4:23am Monday, June 24, 2013 Updated 6:26am Monday, June 24, 2013

What great news that the conservative majority in the House of Representatives voted to stop the runaway escalation of costs for food stamp programs in the farm bill.

This misnamed “farm bill” was a dishonest alliance between food stamps and farm policy. Eighty percent of the spending in the bill was for food stamps, a program which has grown many times faster than the rest of the overall federal budget.

And the food stamp program is rife with fraud and corruption, stamps being traded for drugs, cash, or booze and other questionable purposes.

Standards to qualify have lowered over the long life of the program, and in many cases not even the lowest standards are enforced by government employees

who are more concerned with growing the program to assure themselves of continued employment.

This is a great win for taxpayers, and consumers and the market and even farmers.

Our country is almost seventeen trillion dollars in debt. Thanks to the House members we can feel relieved that another reckless and wasteful trillion-dollar bill is not becoming law.

Now, if only we could count on Congress to hold the line on other wasteful programs pushed on us by this administration.


Mandy Peterson

Fergus Falls

  • Walt Henry

    One of the reasons those with conservative, GOP, Tea Party ideologies so often find themselves embarrassed and ridiculed when they comment on this site is because their opinions are based on too narrow a perspective. There is no great difficulty in exposing just one flaw in the foundation for their argument and the whole collapses. I wish Mandy would have read the article on the Farm Bill published by this paper last Friday and the comments that followed in this forum before showing her ignorance to the world. (Ask any executive of the job creator class in the dairy manufacturing industry if they think Mandy’s thinking is good for America.)

    • Swede

      Do you care to expose just one “flaw” in Mandy’s letter, rather than just berating her for stating an opinion?

      Larry, you displayed an inability to debate, and a propensity to insult. Very childish.

      • Walt Henry

        Mike, this newspaper published a story on this subject friday last. You and I commented on that article including links to provide additional information, mine from a newspaper from the conservative state of Indiana. Mandy has offered a baseless opinion, one that appears not to have even considered the article from the paper to which she has now writen. Has she conidered if prices paid to farmers doubles milk from international sources will flood our markets? We as consumers will not only be paying more at the store for milk but sending dollars from our paychecks to countries overseas? But yes, if someone writes opinions without reading, without research, without relying on facts, math or an accurate understanding of history they open themselves up to criticism that appears to be ridicule. Sadly, that is why conservatives are so often treated that way at this venue.

      • Walt Henry

        Apparently Mandy didn’t read the Editorial published Weds. June 19th, in this paper by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a member of the House Agriculture Committee urging passage of the bill and informing us of the consequences of its failure to pass. Apparently Mandy did not see the footage of the exchange on the House floor between Eric Cantor (R) attempting to blame the Democrats for the bill’s failure to pass and the House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer who refused to accept blame for its failure. So Mike, it seems to me, Mandy was just plain writing words without knowing anything about anything concerning this bill. Typical of conservatives of today. No wonder they have been found to either lie or deceive more than 50 of the time. I believe actions, spreading propaganda without any factual basis to be anti-American and those who support those who do things like this to be un-American. Is that strong enough of a condemnation for you?

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    If republicans didn’t put so many people out of work for 10 years, the food stamp program wouldn’t have increased so much.

  • Richard Olson

    It doesn’t take much to make a reactionary tea bagger like Mandy Peterson happy. Take food stamps away from some poor children, give the money saved to the big oil companies and alls right with the world.

    Mandy’s not a deep thinker, now farmers will get more for their commodities because prices will revert to the previous policy, but Mandy thinks when farmers get more, consumers will pay less. Go figure.

  • Dan

    Mandy, the seventeen trillion dollars in debted that the U.S. is for the BUSH WARS. Most people like Mandy can’t name one person selling their food stamps. If you do see it happe
    ning reported them to Social Security.

  • FactsOnly

    Perhaps this letter was meant to be sarcastic, but it appears to be missing (or misinterpreting) facts.

    The majority of Republicans did vote for the farm bill, but not enough to pass it. So the sentence “Thanks to the House members we can feel relieved that another reckless and wasteful trillion-dollar bill is not becoming law.” Actually, spending will NOT be reduced precisely because the bill did not pass. Considering your perspective, the bill actually would have cut “wasteful” spending.

    Regarding food stamps, they are not actually “stamps” anymore. I have no doubt there is some fraud involving the program. There’s fraud with every program–public or private. That doesn’t make it OK, but it’s a reality. I believe most of the fraud involves stores trading value on the EBT cards for cash.

    The increases in the last four years have been largely due to the recession.

    In addition, eligibility was expanded in 2002, 2008 and 2009. But both parties–including the “conservatives”– get credit for that.

  • camobabe

    Democrats and Republicans alike voted against this bill. Democrats because they wanted even more spending than was in the bill. Conservative Republicans because they wanted an even bigger cut in spending than the many moderates and RINOs were willing to make.
    One of those rare occasions when a coalition of conservatives and big spending liberals manage to score one for an already overtaxed population.
    Way to go, House of Representatives. Now if you would just be so resolute in calling for reform and cost cutting in the multitude of spending bills coming down the road.

  • camobabe

    By the way, Larry/Walt, just because this paper happens to carry an article written by the liberal AP, or a liberal (indiana) nespaper in a conservative State, doesn’t make it Holy Writ. I have reread the story you cite, and I fail to find any reference any mention that almost all the Democrats, and a few GOP managed to stop this latest bust the bank ag bill. Why not decouple the food stamp from the ag bill and let that be moved to HHS or Welfare bills?
    As to Rep Steve King (R-NY), he may speak conservative as a second language, but he is first and foremost a New Yorker who has little empathy for ag in general. He probably had loaded in a few amendments to the bill which would have spent lots of wasteful money in his district, little of which could be classified as “agricultural”.
    The venality of some members in BOTH parties is exposed when they vote on a “something for everyone” bill such as this monstrosity.

    • Walt Henry

      Camilla, a little information about Steve King you could have found if you had bothered to do the research–born in Iowa, residence in Iowa, attended southwest Missouri State for 3 years but didn’t graduate, Roman Catholic and strong anti-abortionist, A grade from the NRA, mocked by some in the liberal community as being “Iowa’s version of Michelle Bachmann”, decided against a run for US Senate for fear of being too conservative and having made too many outlandish comments to win a state wide election. There is nothing New York about this guy. Your attack of him as a “conservative lite” is nonsense for it is not borne out by those pesky things called facts!

    • Swede

      You are thinking of Pete King, Camilla. It surprised me that Steve King voted for this, but I have not researched the bill.

      These omnibus bills need to end, they are designed to have something for every, but too much to interpret. A year ago, 80% of the “Farm Bill” was the food stamp program. It makes no sense to call this legislation a “Farm Bill”.

      If last year’s farm bill is similar to this year’s, it is safe to assume that Mandy Peterson was correct in her assertions of the above article.

      • Walt Henry

        How can Camilla be mistakenly talking about Peter King when the Editorial in the Journal clearly states the author to be Steve King (R-IA)? Rather than assume Mandy knows what she is talking about, specifically that if similar to the current farm bill no money would be saved read the comments of the House members from both sides of the aisle who would have or did vote for the bill–it contains enough savings in the food stamp program that 2 Million people would have been disqualified. Those savings were lost because of the Tea Party favored amendment. And lastly, the reason food stamps are connected to the farm bill is because the purpose of the whole program was to provide price stability for the consumer (taxpayers) investment support for business (bankers like stable markets) and to feed those who have difficulty earning enough to support themselves (if we understand history we know charity of a nation “closer to God” in the Hoover years did not have sufficient Christian values to meet the demand for food.) this program that adds stability to the ag markets tends to cause over-production and what would you have us do, dump milk in the road ditches?

  • Walt Henry

    It might be a good time to take a small journey on the road that takes us to a place of intelligent, adult-like critical thinking. This is an important place for grownups to visit from time to time and mastering and then teaching this skill is certainly one of the goals of anyone who teaches children; yes, even those home schooled ones. A critical thinker reads, watches and listens to people with a wide variety of opinions. The critical thinker then tries to “make sense” of this diversity by searching within their own experiences for an event that helps create an opinion that makes sense. Occasionally there are still conflicts that seemingly can’t be resolved, in that case the adult critical thinker will read, listen and watch even more opinions, searching for FACTS upon which a sensible opinion might be based.

    • Walt Henry

      We’re all in the same car, driving down the same old county road. Up ahead the road T’s with a ditch beyond the T we’ll call Permanent Law. We have three choices, go left, go right or go in the ditch. If we go in the ditch it costs us much more money than if we go left, but currently most in the car aren’t fighting to go left. Most agreed to go right but just as the car was about to turn a small radical minority in the car tried to make the car to even farther to the right. Common sense and our common experience says there’s another ditch on that side of the road (we’ll call that ditch the Senate, which has already passed a bi-partisan farm bill.) Now I know there are some in the car who want to say let’s just stop and yes, that will avoid the problem with the ditches. But we did that last year with a one year extension of the farm bill and yesterday Harry Reid, the man driving the car in the Senate, said we’re not going to do that again. Besides common sense says same “old-same old” does nothing to control costs for it only continues spending at current levels.
      See how easy that is? Of course, we can live in some sort of fantasy world-we can make things up and rejoice gleefully as the letter writer has done. But the fact is folks, the reality is, we’re all in the same car and we’re all going on the same road.

      • camobabe

        Unfortunately that “road” you and your fellow Marxists want us to follow is straight into socialist utopia on earth, loss of our civil rights and the liberty and freedoms which all you lefties find so inconveniently granted by our Constitution.
        Bankrupt the nation morally, then bankrupt us financially. is a multi-faceted scheme by the left to destroy the national fabric, then replace it with oppressive laws which morph the fabric into chains of socialist slavery.
        BTW, I wonder why the letter by Bill Schulz, published in the hardcopy version ot this paper on Friday, 6/21,was never moved to this online edition. I thought that letter would have the 0bama posse snarling and foaming at the mouth for weeks.

        • Walt Henry

          Readers–It is almost as if Mandy and I were playing baseball; she pitching and me up to bat. With her letter she threw me a curveball that didn’t break; middle of the plate, belt high, flat and flat and slow enough for me to drive hard. For almost 37 years I made a very decent living in the dairy manufacturing industry. My paychecks were quite stable, sometimes because of and sometimes in spite of the dairy price support system. Now Camilla has thrown me another hanging curve. The farm bill lost its bipartisan support when the Tea Party added an amendment to establish a work requirement for food stamps. This sounds like a good idea, but folks, how much larger must government grow, how many more employees must government hire to enforce the new requirements and at what additional cost? Is this something our House of Representatives should have decided to do, increase the size of government at the last minute without careful, well-reasoned thought? If you agree with Camilla and think government should be increased then you would say yes. But if you use your adult powers of reasoning, you would say no.
          When I was a child I thought like a child, spoke like a child and acted like a child, but I grew up. I would suggest those who resort to writing as Camilla has just done have not yet reached the status of an adult.
          Readers, when you consider the news stories you read in this paper and those you might see on TV do you use your powers of reason or do you walk in lock-step in some far right wing ideological parade? I do the first.

          • Walt Henry

            fat, flat not flat and flat

          • J Mullins

            Yuk. yuk, Larry/Walt/Richard/Acker. You of all people complaining about adding new people to enforce federal programs? I can’t recall you ever being anything but ecstatic every time government grew to wrap even more chains around our previously held rights.
            Where is your indignation about 16,000 new IRS agents being hired to enforce 0bamacare socialist takeover of healthcare and medicine?
            BTW, in your previous posts you have claimed a career in education of more than 40 years, counseling and coaching for what, more than 20 years? And manufacturing and other careers? And now you tell us you have run a dairy operation for 37 years?
            If you started at the ripe old age of, say, 16 years, I calculate thatyou are least 113 years old, and still won’t reveal who it is hiding behind your many pseudonyms.
            And this doesn’t even take in the many trips you have made to European socialist countries with their “more perfect” government control of their subjects’ lives.
            Are you sure you aren’t Superman?

        • Richard Olson

          Hey Mrs. Mullins, asking you for proof of that crap that rolls off your foul mouth is about as useless as waiting for a letter from William Schulz that was different from the last 300 letters he wrote.

          Without reading the print edition I can tell the on-line readers what Bill wrote….President Obama is a Marxist, Socialist, Communist, who’s bombing Muslim countries just as an act to show he is not a secret Muslim born in Africa, Asia, South America and the Antarctic by a mother who has sworn to Alex Jones that Obama’s father was Satin but played in a Polka Band from Foxhome to avoid detection by the Glen Beck truth and gold hoarders society.
          President Obama is secretly listening to the thoughts of conservatives transmitted through the sound waves caused by FM signals from the Rush Limbaugh show. He is secretly tracking Christians by secret new technology which allows him follow their prayer signals when they pray to the one true god who hates Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Unions, Blacks, Jews, and anyone who listens to MSNBC and has a library card. America is on the road to a Socialist utopia where only freedom loving conservatives will work and all the lazy Socialist Liberals lay around collecting welfare and cursing those who love liberty and shoot their guns to the glory of God.

          Oh yeah, I forgot President Obama is pushing that junk science about Global Warming because he plans to sell air conditioners when he leaves the White House and Obama is responsible for all the tornados, floods, drought and mosquitoes and Bill Schulz talked to a wise old man he met in the parking lot at Wal-Mart who told Bill to spread the gospel that God told Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve) to always vote republican or he would throw them out of the garden.

          • J Mullins

            That is rich, “Rich”.
            I read Bill’s letter and it was about 0bama’s negotiator agreeing with the Federal employees union to give huge bonuses to the IRS employees and administrators while enmeshed in the scheme to deprive conservative groups of tax benefits.And the subsequent action by 0bama to reward that negotiator by appointing him IRS commissioner.
            But, I can understand that this paper would hesitate to give more widespread viewing of the news Bill got past the liberal censor at the Daily Journal. I have friends in many other States who tune in here to read the latest leftie propaganda in this blog.Good for a laugh while drinking their 8AM coffee plugged by Rich as Acker.
            And, R.O., Camilla is not my wife, and never has been.

          • Walt Henry

            Jerome, you forgot to count the 11 months I worked with Bud Nornes at KBRF during which time I was also working for one of the HUGE dairy cooperatives 200 miles away. I’m glad you find my work history so interesting that you’ve kept close tally. Honestly, I’ve often worried my “all work and no play” ethic might have made Larry a dull boy. (That is dull as in boring not dull as in intellectually deficient. Dull in this sense is a side-affect of not reading articles carefully or to their conclusion. Could I be thinking of anyone or group in particular?)
            Jerome, there’s a question I think all Americans should ask–What it is we need to do collectively that we can’t do as individuals? And a follow up–How are we going to pay for it? And another–Is it a worthy goal to provide health care to those who do not now have health care? An angry minority, which seems to lack compassion generated by their own financial success brought about by their lack of work ethic feels it a worthy goal to increase surveillance into the private lives of needy citizens and to shame them for their poverty regardless of its cost effectiveness. Motives matter and least to the reasoning and rational adult mind.

            AS for Bill S’s last letter–I wonder if Bill requested it not be published online as he is afraid of having his opinions vetted by people with more open and active minds.

          • Walt Henry

            Oops. There’s a really messy sentence in there. The intent of the sentence is to illustrate there are some who are afraid of losing what they have or angry that they haven’t gotten all they have wanted and who wish to humiliate those who want less or have less. The answer to this fear and envy is to work harder and more intelligently but they lack the skills or imagination to do so effectively.

  • Richard Olson

    Hey Jerome, I don’t need to read any letter from William Schulz to know what’s in the letter. His imagination is as limited as yours and your sweetheart Camilla. Therefore if you’ve read one of Bills letters, you’ve read them all…..well, maybe there was one exception….remember that letter William Schulz wrote to the editor raking the Wall Street Bankers over the coals when they got those big “bonuses” after wrecking our economy?……..Yeah, neither do I!

  • Richard Olson

    Jerome you must have a topnotch computer to be able to respond to a comment I posted last night that doesn’t show up on my wife’s computer nor any of my friends computers. I can see it on my computer but it says “ Your comment is awaiting moderation.” (sometimes it “awaits” for several days) during which time only I can see it.

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  • cyberdog

    “Food Stamp costs are coming down”

    What a dumb headline for this letter. Food stamps don’t cost money. The food stamp PROGRAM costs money. The letter writer is certainly smarter than the Editor.

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