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Long-awaited e-pull tabs arrive

Published 11:11am Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Updated 8:44am Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finally. The wait for electronic pull tabs in Fergus Falls is over.

The VFW received one e-pull tab machine last Thursday and was up and running by 6:30 p.m. The new gambling machine brought in $1,200 gross sales Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Paper sales over the weekend were $6,000, which is pretty typical.

“The numbers definitely look good,” said Louis Karsnia, VFW gambling manager, although he added he’ll have better projections on how it’s going in maybe a month or so.

It’s been a long wait for e-pull tabs to make it to town. Last month, Karsnia said he initially thought they’d be installed by April 1. The VFW is still waiting for other machines to arrive, since it only has one. The machine also has e-bingo.

“The holdup has been getting the equipment in,” Karsnia said. “The units just aren’t available. There’s been glitches in manufacturing.”

One example is a robot that makes the units broke down, so the robot needed fixing before any more units could be made.

Karsnia heard some good feedback already regarding the new machine. One woman said she thinks she’ll save money, because she can play longer on the same money.
A group of three at the bar put the machine in the middle and took turns playing and watching the animation.

“They thought it was a pretty neat way to play pull tabs,” Karsnia said.

The e-pull tabs machine differs from paper tickets because it offers bonus plays and has noises and sounds for different games.

The manufacturer should be at the VFW next Monday, June 17 with three more machines, Karsnia said. That evening, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the VFW, Allied Charities of Minnesota will make a stop as part of nine statewide informational meetings to discuss e-pull tabs and bingo opportunities for local charities.

For now, Karsnia just wants people to know that the e-pull tabs and e-bingo option has arrived.

“I’m excited to have it,” he said. “I wish I had more than one machine, but that’ll come.”

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    Citizens of Fergus Falls: This is what your Republican legislators have been waiting for – the introduction of e-pull tabs. As they promised in 2012, your legislators voted to allow you the opportunity to off-set proposed taxes on the State’s wealthiest in the form of e-pull tabs. That’s right. Why should they return the rates for the wealthiest back to where they were in 1999 when they can expand gambling to the poorest, the elderly social security recipients, and the church-going bingo addicts. Yes, that means you. Now, get out there and fullfill the dreams your representatives want you to experience. Gamble, gamble and gamble some more and remember, they did it for you because you asked for it (I think that’s what they said.)

    • Ron

      Church bingo addicts? I think you overstate your case Elliot. Get over your bad self. Is it just me? Has anyone ever met a church bingo addict?

      • Elliot Dallavalle

        Obviously you have never attended the after church, Wednesday night bingo event held in practically every Catholic churchs’ basement throughout the midwest, at least when I grew up. One of the Catholic churchs’ most prized perks offered for the dedicated Wednesday night church-going faithful. Put your Wednesday night, stairway to heaven offering in the collection basket and then you could try to win it back an hour later.

        • roblanch

          Elliot, you sure don’t know what you are talking about when you said the Catholic Church has its Wednesday bingo night……where did you get your information from? You are so wrong!

          • Elliot Dallavalle

            Oh Anita, I do so know what I am talking about. As an alter boy growing up in the 60′s and early 70′s in Michigan, I often won the “Rock, Paper, Scissors game” to call the numbers.

            Wed. night bingo in the Catholic churches was huge. Played throughout the upper midwest areas. I alway thought it was really strange as it was clearly affiliated with religion. Same goes for the Saturday beer festivals on the church grounds in upper Wisconsin. Nearly every Saturday, you could visit a Catholic church that was sponsoring a beer garden and bingo parlor. You never really knew where the money raised went though.

  • Mark Martenstone

    Nothing tangible here. Who would pick these over the regular pull tabs? Plus, the regular pull tabs supprt local boosters and what not. You would have to be a hardcore addict to give these a go. Well, most pull tabbers are addicts I guess.

    • camobabe

      For those of you who do not often read this blog, “Elliot Dallavalle” is an anti religious socialist troll who posts here and on other blogs whenever and wherever he/she can spread misinformation about religious or conservative people, churches, and politics. You should ignore what he says as just another attempt to rile feelings against Christians , against people who are successful, who work for a living rather than vote for a living to continue their welfare checks. This “Elliot” posts under several aliases. If you question anyhting he says, he will soon be making all manner of vile and hostile accusations about you. If your last name is the same as anyone who has ever been arrested or convicted for any crime ever in history, he will soon be accusing you of being that person or a close relative.
      His statement that the GOP ordered epulltabs to shelter rich from taxes is pure fabrication. The pulltabs were authorizeed by the legislature to pay for the new Vikings stadium, with almost unanimous support from Democrats, and only a minority of Republicans voting for the law.
      “Elliot” knows that, but he will never resort to the truth when an untruth sounds better and more in line with his objective of spreading hate and anger toward those who make a living for themselves.

      • Richard Olson

        Regardless the subject, the person posing as Camilla Ryan will find a way to spew her hatred for anyone not a tea bagging racist phony. Especially those who caught her pumping her military resume.

      • Elliot Dallavalle

        Ahh come on Camilla, don’t you believe me? I hope you go to confession prior to Sunday to confess your sins from the lies you just told about me. It’s not appropriate to consume the body of Christ following those kinds of accusations. Trust me when I say, God knows.

  • kamso21

    Some read too far into these articles…. who cares????

  • Ron

    Elliot. I believe you misspoke again. You said “when I grew up” Don’t really think you did. Other than that. Well…..

    • Richard Olson

      So personal attacks are a sign of adult behavior Ron?

      • camobabe

        Are you asking whether your relentless insults against people with viewpoints are a sign of your maturity, Richard/Curly/Acker/Chipmunk?

        You accuse others of pseudo identities with your history of being bounced off this site several times for your intemperate and fallacious attacks and smears against your detractors?

        Maybe you want to change into your Elliot/Brandon/Phaedrus/Larry/Walt clothing before you reply?

        • Richard Olson

          Alias Camilla, I’ve never been bounced off this site or any other site. You have me confused with yourself, easy enough to do when you have so many identities you can’t keep them straight. It’s funny you should use the word “bounce”, no one bounces off more walls to such little effect as you do. As a matter of fact, I heard Bobby Vee has to pay you a royalty.

    • Elliot Dallavalle

      Ouch! Felt like the ruler on the knuckles administered by the nuns of St. Agnes catholic school.

      And now B-11 is called. Bingo!!!!!!!

  • mgs1170

    It is actually a faily slick little machine. The tech behind it is nifty as well. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.

  • camobabe

    A nasty little secret about this and other charitable gambling. The legislation which enabled non profit groups to conduct charitable games has morphed into a fuding mechanisn for every expensive giveaway program our Democrat controlled legislature can come up with.
    Some facts: After the non profits purchase the game tickets, pay up front taxes, costs of employees running the game, special types of insurance policies, prizes won by the players,and closes the game, the non profit must then give to the State a 40 percent share, or “tax”, which the State government can use in any manner the legislature and governor choose. That tax is higher than the new 0bama anti success tax rate of 39.6 percent. And that tax is imposed even on profits which are so low that they would be taxed at as little as 10 percent if taxed as ordinary income. Gov Dayton and the supporters of the state paying the majority of the construction costs for the new Vikings stadium fantasized that the new epull tabs would galvanize the public to spend enormous sums, from their earnings left over from 0bama’s and Marx Dayton’s new high tax rates, on this new form of gambling. Their fantasies were far divorced from reality, and the expected increased levels of taxes are miniscule portions of what were projected by the dreamers.
    Now, the Democrats are angry with people who refuse to give up their old pull tabs, and are making noises about raising the confiscation levels from projects ordinarily served by charitable gaming, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, youth activities and senior citizen programs, and too many others to count here. Tax levels as high as 80 percent have been bandied about in the Democrat controlled state government. I guess we will just have to give up supporting local activities so the Vikings can have their new Glass Palace paid for by the state through confiscation of revenues from every source. Will Marx Dayton next impose a 50 percent tax on the church collection boxes to pay for the stadium?

    • Richard Olson

      “Will Marx Dayton next impose a 50 percent tax on the church collection boxes to pay for the stadium?”

      An excellent idea Camilla, it about time these scam artists start paying their fair share. I think 95% would be a more appropriate rate. Perhaps with a little less money in their bloated coffers they would send fewer missionaries around the world to scare indigenous natives into buying their fantasy scam.

    • Walt Henry

      Where are some facts? :) Camilla Ryan used the word facts. :) Got to support the job creators, in this case the Viking’s owners. And these are good paying jobs too. No contribution by the “little guy” should be considered too much. Isn’t that the current conservative thinking? Now you’ve got me doing it–I used conservative and thinking in the same sentence. :)

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