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Mosquitoes will feast

Published 11:13am Monday, June 24, 2013

Daily Journal

They’re Minnesota’s pesky summer guests, and they have arrived: Mosquitoes.

Maybe you’re warned with that buzzing sound in your ear. Or maybe you don’t notice anything until you scratch away at your arm or leg after a blood-sucking bite.

Mosquitoes are out for their summertime feast. It’s up to individuals on how they want to deal with them. Spraying for mosquitoes is not something the city of Fergus Falls does.

“We never have,” said City Finance Director Bill Sonmor. “We talked about it a number of years ago, but the council decided not to pursue it.”

Former public works director Don Eisenhuth, who started with the city in the early 1970s, said it’s about weighing the pluses and minuses with mosquito spraying.

“Nobody likes mosquitoes,” Eisenhuth said. “There was never any really big uproar about them.”

Mosquito spraying is not in the city’s budget for 2013. The council talked about it a few years ago but decided it didn’t want to proceed. Martens and Sonmor did some research in 2003 and talked to the city of Moorhead. The estimated cost for mosquito spraying then was $100,000 per year.

Council member Anthony Hicks brought up the subject of mosquito spraying at the last council meeting. Public Works Director Anne Martens is working on more information to bring back to the council at an upcoming committee meeting. She’s contacted other communities to see what they do, as well as spraying vendors.

The Cass County Vector Control conducted aerial spraying for mosquitoes last week in Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead, according to Forum News Service.




Moorhead city officials say the spray used had very little toxicity to people, pets, birds and other animals, but it is very toxic to mosquitoes.



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