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Republicans may be ousted based on gay marriage vote

Published 9:22am Friday, June 7, 2013 Updated 11:34am Friday, June 7, 2013

Shame on the Republican politicians in the area who voted to oppose Marriage Freedom for folks born LGBT. Bill Ingebrigtsen had the audacity to claim that “for literally thousands of years we’ve recognized marriage as between one man and one woman,” but it wasn’t outlawed in the Roman Empire until 342 C.E.

Prior to that, gay marriage was not a big deal, as any historian can tell you.

Further, we don’t live in a theocracy like Iran. The law of the land is the U.S. Constitution, including the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal protection.

A study done in states that have previously recognized equality of marriage rights has shown that 97 percent of the brave state legislators that voted in favor of it were reelected.

For those that oppose freedom for all Americans, their odds are not so good.

No wonder, since down the road people will remember politicians who opposed LGBT Marriage Freedom the same way they remember those who opposed allowing interracial marriage in conservative states a generation ago.


Shawn Olson


  • Swede

    “LGBT Marriage Freedom”

    If you are a Lesbian Bisexual Transgender, are you also Gay? So confusing.

    If a Lesbian marries a Transgendered ex-male, would that have been legal by the old law?

    Can two straight dudes marry each other now? How about 3?

    • Richard Olson

      Sounds like you’re having an identity crisis Mike.

      • Swede


      • Mandy P.

        Do you mean, sort of like, “who will I be today, Richard or Elliot or Larry or Acker or Chipmunk, or the man in the moon?” Decisions, decisions, decisions.

        Are you just giddy with the prospect of turning a new leaf with the new law, Richard?

        • Richard Olson

          You know Mandy/Camilla, for someone who claims to have a graduate degree you display some very common unsophisticated views. I wonder if you have some doubts about your own sexuality. Who someone else marries doesn’t bother me because I’m comfortable with who I am. You seem to have some doubt about yourself and try to cover your doubt by questioning others…it’s called projection.

          By the way tell Camilla hi.

        • Elliot Dallavalle

          Those are some real mature comments Mandy. I hope you show our kids the comment you wrote. They might start questioning good old mom.

  • Richard Olson

    “When asking the church, a congregation, a leader or a friend about “where one stands on marriage equality” what we are really asking is, ‘Do you regard me as a sacred child of God?’ or ‘Do you believe that I am equally free in Christ to live and love another child of God?” What we are also asking is ‘do you regard me as an equal citizen of this country where we claim that we believe in and pledge uphold liberty and justice for all?’”

    Via Azspot

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