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SummerFest big at RTC [UPDATED]

Published 5:16am Monday, June 17, 2013 Updated 7:20am Monday, June 17, 2013

The numbers are in, and the SummerFest planning committee is pleasantly surprised.

Officials counted more than 14,000 attendees for the two days of the event, which is nearly double from the last year and the largest the event has had.

“It has really energized us to build off this even more,” said Emily Larby, a member of the planning committee. “We feel like we really captured the community this year and really want to continue to do so.”

Over 100 craft vendors and 15 food vendors filled the grounds of the RTC over the weekend. The large amount of people caused some vendors to run out of food early. With so many items sold, their response was overwhelmingly positive.

“We heard great feedback from vendors about the support of the community,” Larby said. “Many have been with us over the years and it’s exciting to see them come back.”

The parade was especially successful as well, with crowds lining the route from Lincoln to Friberg. 75 businesses and organizations participated in the event that also featured a new marching band competition with three area high school bands.

In the second year at the RTC grounds, Larby said location has been another positive change for families looking for weekend fun. The open area allows for more activities and the naturally scenic space offers shade and plenty of green grass for families to relax on.

“We’ve heard so much positive feedback for it being up there,” Larby said. “We try and will continue to utilize that space.”

While it is too early to tell what next year will bring, the committee will continue to rely on what has brought so much success and make changes if necessary.

“We’re still constantly in contact with each other and bounce off ideas to build on this,” Larby said. “We’ll take the positives from this year and the suggestions we’ve heard and continue to improve.”

  • Erica

    Very poor coverage of summer fest. The Daily Urinal amazed us all again.

  • jdartin

    but at least they are covering the petty crime stories around the county….wadena, bertha, vergas. Who wants to read about actual news happing in their own city??

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