Pechia sentenced to 60 days jail time

Published 10:41am Monday, July 15, 2013

One of the Fergus Falls residents charged after allegedly making about $30,000 in check and credit card transactions last fall was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Jessie Ann Pechia, 26, was sentenced July 12 in Otter Tail County District Court for felony mail theft. She pleaded guilty May 28. In exchange for the plea, additional counts of felony theft by check and gross misdemeanor financial transaction card fraud were dismissed.

According to the criminal complaint, two packages on top of a Fergus Falls woman’s mailbox were stolen in October 2012.

There were also several checks written to an unknown person that were attempted to be cashed, and seven credit card transactions Oct. 14 and Oct. 15 that were unauthorized by the woman totaling $150.91.

Two checks totaling more than $13,000 were written to Justin Lee Feldt, who was also charged in the case, but both declined, the report says.

Affinity Plus Credit Union reported approximately $30,000 in transactions losses by Feldt and Pechia with the use of the credit cards and checks, the report says.

Five other residences in the Birchwood Shores drive area reported stolen mail, the report says.

  • mike weller

    Sounds like she knows somebody or she had a good lawyer.
    I doubt she had a good lawyer since she didn’t have money to begin with.
    Either way 60 days is a nothing ,I mean nothing .This is a slap on the wrist.
    Lucky girl.

  • jensen55

    60 days in jail? What a joke! No restitution either?? If no money has to be paid back,then this is an instance where CRIME does PAY!!! Good grief.

  • J Mullins

    Is it possible that she had accomplices, and she got this plea bargain deal in return for rolling over on the partners in crime with her testimony? Perhaps we will soon learn that her partners have received tough sentences?

  • nanajean

    Perhaps our scholars should look at the story as it appears on Lakes Radio and get the full story. It seems we all believe what we see in the DJ

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