Published 2:11pm Friday, July 26, 2013

(First Publication July 26, 2013)

Summary of Minutes of the
(Full Text Available at the Office of the
County Administrator
or at under
Board of Commissioners)
Otter Tail County Government Services Center
July 16, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners:

1. Called to order the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners meeting at 8:30 AM.

2. Approved the July 9, 2013 Board minutes.

3. Approved payment of the County Board bills as follows.

4. Authorized the Chairman’s signature to execute a Mutual Aid Agreement between Becker County and Otter Tail County for reciprocal emergency management aid and assistance in an emergency or disaster.

5. Approved the request of Lee Horstmann of the Pelican Supper Club and Lounge, for a refund of the 2013/2014 On-Sale Liquor and Sunday Liquor License Fee of $2,200.00.

6. Accepted the Petition for Improvement for Otter Tail County Ditch #70 as submitted with a letter dated July 5, 2013.  The motion further authorizes hiring an Engineer to proceed with an Improvement Plan.

7. Authorized the Chairman’s signature to execute a 911 hardware and software Maintenance & Support Services Agreement (Contract #S00001018954) between the County of Otter Tail and Motorola Solutions of Schaumburg, IL, in the amount of $37,495.20.

8. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute a Cooperative Agreement for Shared/Hosted 911 Call Handling System with Traverse and Wilkin counties.

9. Agreed to use the exempt or non-exempt status as has been identified in the County’s classification system and follows the Fair Labor Standards Act.

10. Ordered the animal known as Saten owned by Oliver Julsrud to be euthanized and submitted for rabies testing.  The County Attorney will prepare an Order of Findings for this Hearing.

11. Approved the Public Works Director’s plan to relocate trucks currently operating out of the Dalton Highway Garage (#16).

12. Thanked the Kiwanis Club of Otter Risers for a generous donation of $400.00 to be used towards the cost of the Phelps Mill Park Playground.

13. Approved 1 Preliminary Plat and 6 Conditional Use Permits.

14. Approved the Sanitation Code Amendments as follows:
Motion by Johnson, second by Froemming and unanimously carried on a roll call vote, to approve the Amendments to the Sanitation Code of Otter Tail County effective August 1, 2013.  The Amendments to the Sanitation Code include a Point of Sale Certification of Compliance under Compliance Criteria, 56.0060 Sub. 5, and some language clean up.  A copy of the changes is on file at the Auditor’s Office and the Office of Land and Resource Management at the Government Services Center, and is also posted on the County website,
15. Approved 1 Final Plat and extended the Final Plat filing date for a proposed Final Plat.

16. Approved the establishment of the Star Lake Improvement District as follows:
Motion by Johnson, second by Rogness, and unanimously carried to approve and authorize the Chairman’s signature to execute the “Order Establishing Star Lake Improvement District” as submitted by the County Attorney.  A copy of the complete Order is on file at the Auditor’s Office at the Government Services Center and is also posted on the Otter Tail County website,  The LID is established thirty days after publication.

17. Adjourned at 1144 AM.
Warrants Approved On 7/16/2013 For Payment 7/16/2013
Vendor Name     Amount
A’viands LLC     $11,952.46
ABRA MN Fergus Falls     $280.15
American Welding & Gas Inc     $16.72
Associated Bag Company     $111.30
Auto Value Fergus Falls     $1,678.21
Ben Holzer Unlimited     $36.69
Bertelson Total Office Solutions    $153.89
Berts Truck Equipment Of Mhd Inc     $480.94
Best Buy Business Advantage Acct    $1,309.75
Beyer Body Shop INC     $651.92
Bob’s Standard Bulk Service     $119.56
Bobcat Of Otter Tail County     $17.89
Brandon Communications Inc     $1,830.30
Braun Intertec Corporation     $2,525.25
Brian’s Repair-Northland Rebuilding     $3,097.50
Broadblast Inc     $29,550.00
Bureau of Crim Apprehension    $4,735.00
Buy-Mor Parts & Service LLC     $851.15
Call One Inc     $199.68
Carolina Software     $400.00
Carr’s Tree Service     $347.34
CDW Government Inc     $2,031.68
Central Lakes College     $800.00
Champion Coatings INC     $1,159.00
CIP     $376,295.00
Citizens Advocate     $104.75
CO OP Services Inc     $583.87
Code 4 Services LLC     $580.72
Coopers Technology Group     $720.13
Crop Production Services     $1,473.70
Culligan     $46.96
Culligan of Wadena    $35.28
Dacotah Paper Company     $655.86
Dave’s Autobody & Towing    $142.50
Demuth/John     $22.14
Denzel’s Region Waste Inc     $62.41
DHS SOS ARC 472     $750.00
East Otter Tail Fair Assoc     $100.00
East Otter Tail Fair Assoc     $50.00
Evergreen Equipment Inc     $273.77
Extreme Marine LLC     $177.39
Farnam Tire Center     $8.00
Farnam’s Genuine Parts Inc     $191.38
Fergus Falls Daily Journal     $3,624.21
Fergus Power Pump Inc     $6,820.00
Fergus Tire Center     $610.21
G & K Services     $1,043.24
Galls LLC     $74.62
Ge Capital (Ca)     $398.63
General Parts LLC     $14.67
Gopher State One Call     $51.40
Grainger Inc     $139.20
Henning Auto Parts Inc     $4.26
Henning Hardware     $88.70
Hoffman/Randy     $79.99
Huckeby/Robert     $51.26
Integra Telcom     $390.46
Jake’s Johns LLC     $270.00
JK Sports     $519.99
Jones And Magnus     $700.00
K.I.D. Leasing INC     $303.35
Keeprs Inc     $373.98
Kelly Services Inc     $2,902.62
Lake Region Healthcare Corp     $12,944.90
Lakeland Mental Health Center     $5,102.50
Lakes Country Service Co Op     $236.00
Lakes Radio     $214.40
Lawson Products Inc     $204.83
Leitch Excavating     $4,157.73
Liberty Tire & Recycling LLC     $1,718.75
LIL Bob’s Electric     $625.25
Locators & Supplies Inc     $2,538.37
Long Weekend Sportswear     $15.00
MARCO INC     $2,618.67
Marco Inc St Louis     $594.15
Mark Sand & Gravel Co     $71,482.50
Mathison CO     $115.00
Mcquay International     $2,047.30
MEnD Correctional Care     $8,457.49
Midwest Communicatins of Fargo    $560.00
MN Motor Company     $441.94
NAPA Central MN     $55.96
NAPA Of Perham     $15.46
Nelson Auto Center     $3,146.66
Newborg/Kevin     $66.11
Nuss Truck & Equipment    $1,027.14
OK Tire of Perham INC     $22.37
Olson Oil Co Inc     $1,426.62
Otter Electric LLC     $210.42
Otter Tail Co Sheriff’s Posse     $178.44
Otter Tail Co Treasurer     $176.09
Otter Tail Country Tourism Assoc.    $12,250.00
Otter Tail Power Company     $2,483.98
Ottertail Trucking Inc     $8,536.11
Paalmer/Darla    $50.00
Parkers Prairie Ambulance    $896.00
Parkers Prairie/City Of     $325.00
PAW Publicat LLC Battle Lake Review    $456.30
Pelican Rapids Press     $143.77
Pemberton Sorlie Rufer Kersh PLLP     $533.10
Perham Focus    $62.55
Postmaster     $106.00
Powerphone INC     $945.00
Powerplan OIB     $5,525.39
Prairie Lakes Municip Solid Waste    $129,237.74
Prairie Restorations Inc     $594.35
Praxair Distribution Inc     $379.67
Premium Waters Inc     $30.26
Price Family Constr.    $457.00
Productive Alternatives Inc     $12.62
Professional Agronomy Services    $45.95
Quick’s Napa Auto Parts     $10.31
Quill Corporation     $405.32
RDO Truck Centers     $1,416.00
Recycle Technologies INC     $2,237.75
Regents Of The University Of Mn     $34,213.37
Renewable Resource Consult LLC     $114,847.46
Ridgewater College     $374.90
Rothsay Farmers Co Op     $58.55
Royal Tire Inc     $694.18
S.W.Inc     $1,945.00
Schreader/Michael     $30.00
Scott Hofland Construction Inc     $8,475.00
Sherwin Williams     $223.34
Shopko    $52.93
Shultz & Assoc. LTD     $12,784.42
Simengaard/Paul     $30.51
South Mill Service     $10.64
Southtown Of Pelican Rapids Inc     $19.98
Span Publishing Inc     $99.00
Steins Inc     $657.31
Steve’s Sanitation Inc     $9,201.70
Stolpman Law Office     $437.86
Strand Hardware & Radio Shack     $36.62
Streichers     $2,338.85
Super Septic & Excavation     $102.19
Swanston Equipment Corp     $116.88
Synergy Graphics     $169.28
Thyssen Krupp Elevator Corporation     $974.38
Tires Plus Total Car Care     $584.15
Titan Access Account     $3.01
Toshiba Business Solutions USA     $88.88
Trefoil Cultural And Environmental     $1,500.00
Ugstad Plumbing Inc     $48.00
Uniforms Unlimited INC     $214.41
Varitech Industries     $99.60
Vergas Hardware     $28.09
Victor Lundeen Company     $122.45
Wadena Asphalt Inc     $20,747.64
Waste Management     $25,297.64
Wastequip     $16,750.00
Weller Oil Co     $251.85
Wenck Associates Inc     $349.80
Xerox Corporation     $137.36
Ziegler Inc     $1,214.04
Final Total:     $1,007,942.52

Publication Date: July 26, 2013.

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