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Americans should be taken care of first [UPDATED]

Published 3:48am Monday, July 15, 2013 Updated 5:54am Monday, July 15, 2013

Let’s stop supporting the world and take care of our people here in the USA.

Our workers who many are struggling to make ends meet now, do not deserve a 20 percent pay cut.

Think of the businesses next to or by the military bases that theses cut backs will hurt. Many may have to close up, may be some towns will fold up also.

But many countries overseas will do fine with our money.

How much does it cost per hour to fly Air Force One. Both Bush and Obama have kept it flying regularly, so training our recruits has been cut back.

Thank the good Lord that I am as old as I am.


Dave Thompson

Fergus Falls


  • tomdaniels

    crazy dave, still crazy after all these years. and to think i thought this was going to be a great “take care of the americans first” letter. instead its just more jibberish. sad

  • tediam

    Dave, want to know something that’ll make you really mad? We send more money to israel than all other foreign aid combined. We buy everything; the weapons they use to kill innocent Palestinians, the modular wall that they use to illegally confiscate more and more Palestinian land, etc. etc.
    And how are we repaid?…0.0…

    Just the tip of the iceberg my friend . . . They own us. We are looked upon as they are because we side woth them. How is this possible? If we are truly the masses, why are we allowing the government to send them anything?

    • Richard Olson

      We are Israel’s partner in crime. Israel is an apartheid state where Palestinians must have a different colored license plate on their car to mark them as the internal enemy. When people are brought up to view certain people as their enemy it’s easier to demolish their homes then take their land or build entire towns on their territory or even dump tons of human waster into their water wells. Even South Africa did not have “wanted” posters of nine year old black kids, but Israel does.

      Then some wag in Washington says stupid crap like “They hate us for our freedom” No, they hate us for what we do to them by proxy.

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