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County wheelage tax needed

Published 9:29am Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Updated 11:39am Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board will soon consider increasing the annual cost of license plate tabs in the form of a $10 wheelage tax to help cover the rising construction costs of county bridges and highways. While a $10 increase may seem like a big jump, we are in favor of the proposal and think it is a necessary move to help maintain and improve our county’s assets.

The cost of asphalt has more than doubled in the past several years, and the only way to keep county roads in good shape is to spend a bit more. We have all driven on eroding roads, and nothing can be improved without funding.

The proposed wheelage tax will only affect those who own vehicles, and residents who don’t drive or use county roads will not be affected. This seems to be the most practical and ethical way for the county to bring in an extra $568,000 every year for roadwork.

We don’t think it’s too much to ask vehicle owners to pay an additional 2.7 cents a day to cover the rising cost needed to maintain quality highways and bridges.

While no one wants to pay more taxes, it is likely the county will use the tax for something we all want and need — well-maintained roads and bridges.


  • J Mullins

    Same old Daily Journal, has never met a new tax or tax increase it didn’t like.

    • Elliot Dallavalle

      Jerome – Entertain me for a minute – Name a tax you like.

      • Walt Henry

        Better yet, ask Jerome for a government service he likes as he seems not to have much care for roads. Maybe be the old horse and buggy ruts are good enough for him.

  • Richard Olson

    You guys are being un-fair to Jerome. There are several government services/programs he cares about, perhaps even adores. To wit: restricting a woman’s legal right to abortions, interfering in women’s health issues, making it difficult if not impossible for minorities, service members, the homeless and senior citizens to vote. Restricting the right of free association by taking away bargaining rights.

    As a matter of fact I can’t think of a single government service or program he would not be in favor of….once it had been turned over free of charge to the corporate fat cats in big business, so they could soak the living daylights out of working people.

    • BillSchulz

      Well, there you have it folks; the unholy trinity of radical leftists who rise in unison in knee jerk fashion to attack anyone who questions government taking away more of the peoples’ money through coercive imposition of new taxes. With these three it is axiomatic that Big Brother government is the actual owner of ALL money, so they are entitled to take as much away from the people as they choose ,regardless in what form, for what purpose.

      We’ve got Curly(Richard), Larry(Larry/Walt) and a new member of the clownish group, Eliott. Eliott, since Phaedrus already owns the Moe title, perhaps we should assign you the cognomen of D’artagnan, the apprentice to the Three Musketeers. Maybe better to name you after one of the Mousketeers because of your relative youth compared to the other long toothed revolutionaries here.

      • Phaedrus

        And now we have the return of the Conspiracy Clown – Bill, Diviner of Thoughts (for at least those who don’t strictly adhere to conservative dogma [because those that adhere to the dogma don’t actually have any thoughts of their own - that would make them “RINO’s”]).

        The only thing you ever offer CC are caricatures and silly attempts at character assassination. As I told Camo-Toe, I’m not interested in your variations of the “holier than thou” arguments, but if you want to insist on dragging me into it, I’ll play (maybe it will be fun?).

        So we have Conspiracy Clown = Silly Billy, Flunky the Clown = Camo-Toe, Doink the Clown = Jerome, Dink the Clown = Mike and Wiggles the Clown = Mandy, all of whom defend and propagandize for the Insane Clown Posse = GOP “true conservatives.” Thus, whenever these individuals get on their “high horse” to pontificate on the thoughts of others and tell you “how it is“, we can just say, “The Circus is in Town.”

        I can “make up” my own fictional reality as well, I just don’t see any purpose to it (but then again, I’m not an fanatic, militant disciple of some ideological dogma/propaganda).

        • BillSchulz

          Your socialist theology isn’t some “militant ideological dogma/propaganda”?

          In the last several weeks all you lefties are resorting to the tactic of calling anyone with a conservative viewpoint idiotic, clownish, crazy, etc. Just goes to show you that when you can’t persuade people with facts and reasonable discourse, you attack them with insults.
          Typical demagogues.

          • Phaedrus

            What’s typical for demagogues is for them to master the practice of “the pot calling the kettle black”. You should also notice that I’ve been content to let the “usual suspects” carry on with their name-calling and bickering (and there’s plenty of guilt, on the issue of name calling, to spread around to both “sides”). If you hadn’t specifically mentioned me, I wouldn’t have bothered responding to this thread because it’s pretty vacuous mudslinging. But to borrow a generic line from a number of movies, “I didn’t start it, but I mean to see it through.”

            I have never proposed a “socialist theology” – that’s a product of your conspiracy addled imagination, where anyone who doesn’t “toe the conservative line” is by default a “socialist”. I don’t have to check my observations of the world through some ideologically tinted glasses. I don’t have to “fit in” with “the rest of the conservative crowd” or “the rest of the liberal crowd” because I don’t care what the position of either of those groups are. I’m more interested in the facts than trying to massage them to fit an ideology. So unless you can come up with some evidence, something I wrote, not something where someone else is telling me what I think, saying that I have a “socialist theology” – without any evidence – seems to fall under the definition of a “lie”. Being opposed to fundamentalism of all varieties (political, religious, here, abroad) doesn’t necessarily mean embracing socialism. If you’re unaware of all the different positions that fall in between the far right and far left, then you probably have no business talking about politics because you clearly don’t know anything about politics. Sure, you can have an opinion about it, but the fact that you have an opinion doesn’t mean that others have to uncritically accept your opinion as anything other than your personal belief.

            Speaking of facts, you may not have noticed that your posts are “fact free”. No one said, “ Big Brother government is the actual owner of ALL money” BUT someone did say, “We’ve got Curly(Richard), Larry(Larry/Walt) and a new member of the clownish group, Eliott” AND “resorting to the tactic of calling anyone with a conservative viewpoint idiotic, clownish, crazy, etc.”

            So the FACT is that we have the attempt to establish a double standard (it’s OK for conservatives to call others clowns, but it’s not OK if it’s done to them). I think the other term for that is hypocrisy (and when they’re not aware of the fact that their doing it, we might even call it “ironic”).

            I realize it’s a lot easier to play your game if you get to both ask and answer the questions, because then you get the answers that you want, but that’s clearly very silly. You don’t get to tell people what they believe. So the observation, “if a self-proclaimed defender of conservativism accuses someone of something, it’s a good bet that accusation is exactly what they’re trying to do” is still true.

            So if you ever encounter some actual facts (not the ones you’ve just “made-up” or happen to believe are ‘facts’) and can get through a post without name-calling, hyperbole and mudslinging, I’d be happy to have that discussion with you. If you can’t do that, then leave me alone. If I have something to say, I’ll say it, but if you want to drag me into these discussions, I’m also willing to point out why the things you say are silly and contrived.

      • Walt Henry

        Mr. Schulz–instead of calling names and other playground nonsense make a suggestion on how YOU would pay for the increased costs of maintaining our roads. Tearing down is easy–it’s the building that takes some talent and skill.

  • Richard Olson

    I think, in as much as William Schulz is the secretary for the local republican party, we can safely conclude that William Schulz speaks for those members of the local republican party. When he slings mud, they sling mud. When he calls people names, they are calling others names. Bill is representative of the republican party…old, white, male, delusional, stuck in the 1950’s, and a reciter of time worn, feeble, talking point left as litter from failed elections. Bill and his theater act have been rejected by reasonable people national wide and those few remaining slugs will see the door next election. Is it any wonder that Bill will cast about for any hope by slamming others. In any case, this is most likely the last time William Schulz uses the name of Phaedrus Wolf in his act.

    • Walt Henry

      But where is Mr. Schulz’s solution to the costs of county road repairs? Does he, or any of his supporters an alternative solution or not?

      • Richard Olson

        When you travel by horse and buggy, you don’t need top notch roads.

        • camobabe

          Richard, unlike you socialist Democrat robots, a Republican does not need to clear his opinions with a party apparatus. So,Bill can express any opinion he chooses on any topic, without being censured or “re=educated” by dictatorial Kominterns which rule your Party aparatchiks. And, not every person in the GOP has to agree with Bill, though most usually do. You see, we conservatives actually allow various members to compete to be the endorsed candidate of our party for elective offices. We aren’t obligated to toe a party line, promulgate partyspeak, pay obiescent homage to a socialist supreme ruler for life like Barack 0bama, rabidly support baby butchery as a party sacrament, or tolerate preening commisars of lockstep cultural oneness.
          No doubt you disdain us for not yielding to your chains, but , as a group, we would align with Bill’s, and other conservatives’ opinions willfully, freely, and shamelessly.
          Now, if you want to trade insults about people we select to carry on the chores of the GOP, remember we can shine the light on a few skeletons in the DFL’s closets.
          You choose to categorize people as old, white, conservative guys? You, a decrepit old white socialist retread are casting stones? You, who never meat a cheap shot you won’t take at people? Crawl back in your hidey hole, you antedeluvian.

          • Richard Olson

            Camilla says “a Republican does not need to clear his opinions with a party apparatus.” I agree. Why would he? They would both be the same. A contrary opinion would make you something other than a republican.

            Here is the difference Camilla, William Schulz is a republican party official, what he writes reflects the republican party. Bill was elected by party insiders. One can assume they knew his reputation for exaggeration, hyperbole and scatter brained conspiracies before they elected him.

          • Walt Henry

            Camilla, the writer of the editorial wrote in favor of increasing taxes to pay for county road maintainence. Bill scoffed at that suggestion as he feels to overburdoned by the taxes he already pays. Then he was asked what suggestion he could offer and he wilted under the pressure of independant thought. Seems criticism is within his skill ,set, problem solving is not. The politics of such a person, you believe is worthy of your support?

  • BillSchulz

    Richard/Acker/Chipmunk and Larry/Walt and Elliot/Richard/Acker/Chipmunk/Larry/Walt:
    Just post your email addresses here (any of the many) and I will be happy to place you on our GOP mailing list so you can receive our mailings right from us, rather than having to spread the eighth generation gossip and rumors you garner from your moles and and people whose conversations you hear in the cafes, markets, public arena.
    If you are looking for an official opinion maker and promulgator of GOP views, good luck with that. I would like to find a conservative GOP member whose word and opinion is accepted as infallible and universally valid.
    But, apply the same illogic, by which you falsely claim that I speak on behalf of the party when I express my personal opinions, apply that to yourself,and we may then believe that every one of your distortions and disinforming lectures and opinions are the official opinions of Barack 0bama, Marx Dayton, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, Hairy Reed, and the remainder of the 0bama regime. What a revelation to learn that you are the official national spokesman for the face of Marxist socialism in America.
    And, alias Larry/Walt, you have mamaged to distort what I said in support of Jerome Mullins original commentary that the Daily Journal, “has never met a new tax or tax increase it didn’t like”, and to further comment on your unholy trinity of tax and spend radicals who reflexively attack anyone who objects to paying higher taxes. And, it is not MY responsibility to devise means to pay for road maintenance. That is the function of elected officials, and all voters have the right to question the automatic recourse to higher taxes those officials seem to take when challenged with serving the public. Many other States have means other than imposing onerous levels of taxes to fund public infrastructure, and I suggest the commissioners review and analyze the alternatives before automatically sticking their mitts deeper into the pockets of the vehicle owners.

    • Richard Olson

      Since you seem to have problems reading what I wrote, I’ll repeat it………. Here is the difference Camilla, William Schulz is a republican party official, what he writes reflects the republican party. Bill was elected by party insiders. One can assume they knew his reputation for exaggeration, hyperbole and scatter brained conspiracies before they elected him.”

      I’m not an elected official of any political party. In any case Bill, your worried response indicates to me that even you realize that responsible republicans do not endorse your exaggeration, hyperbole and screaming like a lunatic stuck in Joe McCarthy’s pocket.

    • Walt Henry

      Mr. Schulz’s response brings no celebration to my heart. I sincerely hoped he would offer a viable alternative to a wheelage tax increase that we could discuss. He is right about one thing thought, our elected state officials determined if the county boards felt they needed to meet increased maintenance costs with a increase in fees they could decide to do so. Lacking other ideas, if the need is there, I too hope they would follow the recommendation of the FFDJ’s editorial.
      I used to hate it when my mother would say, “If all you can do is criticize don’t.” Seems to me some of us here need to talk to their mother.

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