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New job opportunities encouraging

Published 9:51am Thursday, July 25, 2013 Updated 11:58am Thursday, July 25, 2013

The job market is always changing, and technology has taken us to the point where working from a home computer can be just as effective as a 9 to 5 in a cubical. Fergus Falls will soon see some of these new job opportunities in the form of 120 telecommunications customer service positions. We are glad the city is embracing the new opportunities and encouraging residents to consider the new style of work.

The 120 openings are available to anyone within a one-hour driving radius of Alexandria, so there are many other communities that will be involved, but with enough interest throughout the community, this could still make an impact on Fergus Falls. The telecommunications positions are not long-term, but the work experience with new technology could be a giant stepping stone for anyone who is able to advantage of the program.

It is exciting that the staffing company behind the hiring process selected Fergus Falls as one of the locations it will be searching for employees. This should be encouraging to everyone in the area, especially those who are seeking employment. Having a workforce in Fergus Falls that is trained to work with new technology will make our city more appealing to other new businesses looking for a home.

Waves of employees will be hired in August, September and October, and any who wish to take a closer look at the opportunity can contact a representative at 320-763-3121 or apply online at We encourage local job seekers to consider the option and hope the city will continue its push as well.

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