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Open letter to Minn. legislators

Published 9:40am Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Updated 11:41am Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Enclosed is an open letter to those legislators that represent this area. No letters are being sent directly to those legislators.

• What is your relationship with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), i.e. aware of, a member of, received gratuities, attended meetings, voted at those meetings, etc.?

• What is your relationship with ALEC Model Bills, (aware of, sponsored, voted for, voted against, etc.)?

I am looking forward to responses or a non-response (they are somewhat secretive).


— Christopher McCrady


  • camobabe

    OOOOH! Is this the secret group who are keeping Elvis Presley living in a sharecroppers cabin in the Ozarks?

  • camobabe

    Sounds like you are saying if a legislator has heard about this group, they are guilty of nefarious deeds. And, if none of them reply to you here, they are all guilty of conspiring to hiding the truth from you.
    Sure you don’t work for Eric Holder?

  • Walt Henry

    It’s a fair question, “Who do the local legislators represent, the people in their district or big money outsiders who might have radically different goals than the general citizenry?” Maybe Camilla knows something she doesn’t want others to find out. BTW–how many dollars did the Koch Brothers spend to organize the “grass roots” movement we know as the Tea Party?

  • Richard Olson

    The ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) in a business organization that writes model language for the laws they want enacted, then give the written language to republican legislators to introduce as if it were being introduced on behalf of helping the American people.

    All their proposals are advantages to big business and usually are proposals to eliminate regulation which protect the environment or allow big business to squeeze out small business. An example currently pending is one by big banks to eliminate tax advantages for credit unions. Those tax advantages are the very same ones that the big banks also have. (which of course they would keep).

    • camobabe

      Richard, not long ago you said here that you wrote letters to the editor to this paper. I searched, but could find none with the name “Richard Olson”. Are you and your alter egos Larry and Elliot now using the pen name Christopher McCrady”

      BTW, in keeping with the tactics of this letter of accusation of undefined offenses by innuendo, someone I know said that her cousin knows of a car mechanic who buys groceries in a town where your cousin has a friend who knows your other cousin and says he is a used car dealer who only sells to welfare families from Bosnia who are referred to him by one of the guys who you sometimes say hello to when you are drinking 8 Oclock coffee. I thought you would like to know this to help you quash the rumors which this might cause.

      Pretty serious stuff, that.

      • Walt Henry

        Camilla, are you going to take responsibility for your part in the ALEC scandal and admit you are keeping secrets or not? Because of your objections to the question to the local legislators, you MUST be guilty of hiding something!

      • Richard Olson

        Camilla, the tactics you ascribe to the author are exactly, 100%, to the letter, the very same tactics used in virtually every comments penned by William Schulz. As a matter of fact, without them, his comments would be one three letter word and a period. Like yours.

        • camobabe

          Richard, using your junk socialist logic and disinformation, the people you propagandize here could reasonably believe that one of you just takes turn posing as the others to misrepresent the actual number of radical socialists living here. The election results of the past several decades show that this county still supports moral and conservative candidates and laws. There are loud and insulting deviates from those principles, but they are, like the Olson/Erickson/Henry/Dallavile posse, et al, still in the minority. Screaming loudly and hurling insults and bogus accusations does not mean that you represent mainstream opinion.

          • Richard Olson

            If that’s what it takes for you to make it through the day Camilla. I suppose it’s better than resorting to drugs.

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    No Camilla, it is not a secret group keeping Elvis alive in the Ozarks. I recall receiving the same email that also included Obama is a muslim and not an American citizen, because his birth certificate was from a weird state (the writer of the email was unsure if Hawaii was a state.) You see, the series of tubes commmonly referred to as the internet, can be used to pass some unbelievable information out for readers such as yourself to swallow hook, line, and sinker and then pass on to other gullible people. Try to use common sense when receiving this crap. If you have a question, please feel free to ask those in the know such as Larry, Richard, and myself. We are here to help! God Bless You!

  • Richard Olson

    ALEC created the Stand Your Ground Law that allowed George Zimmerman to kill an unarmed, innocent black teenager and be acquitted in a court of law by a jury of his peers. The verdict is a travesty. But it’s a travesty that goes much deeper than a courtroom in Sanford, Florida.

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