Published 8:07am Thursday, July 18, 2013

(First Publication July 11, 2013)

Summary of Minutes of the
(Full Text Available at the Office of the
County Administrator
or at under
Board of Commissioners)
Otter Tail County Government Services Center
June 25, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners:

1. Called to order the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners meeting at 8:30 AM.

2. Approved payment of the County Board bills as follows.

3. Forgave a payable 2013 tax penalty for Stacy & Chip McAllister, in the amount of $11.64, for Parcel Nos. R03-000-99-0734-000 and 03-000-99-0735-000, because the McAllisters checked with the County Treasurer’s office and the late payment was a result of a misunderstanding.

4. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute a Highway Maintenance Contract between The County of Otter Tail and Traffic Marking Service, Inc. of Maple Lake, MN, for C.P. 13:TM, C.P. 11:208TM and C.P. 13:310TM.

5. Awarded the following projects to the lowest responsible bidder:
CH 112 Bituminous Paving
Central Specialties    $73,595.00
Alexandria, MN

CSAH 30 Bituminous Paving
Central Specialties    $43,838.35
Alexandria, MN

6. Authorized the Community Services Director to replace two Eligibility Worker positions; one being vacated June 28, 2013 and the other on December 31, 2013.

7. Approved 4 Human Services Contracts.

8. Approved payment of the Human Services bills and claims as submitted.

9. Appointed Richard Gabe of Detroit Lakes, MN representing the 2nd District on the Otter Tail County Planning Commission.

10. Established the Star Lake Improvement District (LID) as proposed and direct the County Attorney to draft an Order for its establishment.

11. Agreed to participate in the three year funding request of the Pomme de Terre River Association upon approval of the Finance Committee.

12. Approved 2 Liquor Licenses.

13. Reappointed Scott Rocholl to the Otter Tail County Housing and Redevelopment (HRA) Board for the period of August 1, 2013 through August 1, 2018.

14. Approved the Amendments to the Otter Tail County Shoreland Management Ordinance as detailed below effective upon publication, with publication completed prior to August 1, 2013:
The amendments to the SMO include requiring site permits for alterations to impervious surfaces and vision obstructing fences; buildings being limited to 20% of impervious surface; adding some presentation requirements for permits; authorizing the administrator to issue some permits; adding interim use permits for temporary retention of an existing dwelling during construction of another; conforming some language to state statutes and court rulings regarding variances and exemptions for contiguous lots; and cleaning up some language and definitions.
A copy of the changes are on file in a redlined edition at the Auditor’s Office and the Office of Land and Resource Management at the Government Services Center, and is also posted on the county website,

15. Authorized the Public Health Director to advertise an internal promotional opportunity for the Nursing Supervisor/QA Coordinator position.

16. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute a Purchase of Service Agreement between the County of Otter Tail and HIE Bridge to enable the direct option for health information exchange.

17. Denied the request of Katherine Gardner to remove the Professional Drawing condition from their CUP.

18. Authorized the Detention Facility Administrator to replace a full time Corrections Officer vacancy.

19. Authorized the Sheriff to advertise for full time or part time employees for his Department to develop eligibility lists for current and/or future openings when needed.

20. Appointed Brian Armstrong, Land/Property Director, as the Otter Tail County Recorder effective July 1, 2013 and additionally, encourage Mr. Armstrong to appoint a Chief Deputy Recorder.

21. Adjourned at 11:50 AM.

Warrants Approved On 6/25/2013 For Payment 6/25/2013
Vendor Name     Amount
A & B Welding & Construction INC    $2,900.00
A’viands LLC    $60.47
Accurate Controls Inc    $1,208.70
American Bio Medica Corporation    $372.20
Ballard Sanitation Inc    $619.40
Battle Lake Standard    $49.03
Bob’s Standard Bulk Service    $131.58
Bound Tree Medical LLC    $247.74
Bowman/Ronald    $9.64
Boyer/Rodney    $349.30
Cannell/Karen    $141.82
Carlund/Richard    $350.00
Carr’s Lake Country Supermarket    $64.23
Cellebrite USA INC    $9,584.00
Cheshire/Ryan C    $378.85
CO OP Services Inc    $76.34
Code 4 Services LLC    $374.00
College Way Auto Inc    $1,466.61
Coopers Technology Group    $600.65
Craig’s Towing & Repair    $223.76
Dacotah Paper Company    $70.32
Dave’s Autobody & Towing    $236.82
Denzel’s Region Waste Inc    $391.95
Detroit Lakes Overhead Door Ser    $3,384.40
Dex East    $23.25
Diamond Tower Service INC    $12,768.00
Drake DDS/DR Terry A    $860.81
Fastenal Company    $32.81
Fergus Tire Center    $7.50
Flint Hills Resources Lp    $17,740.19
Flint Trading INC    $1,912.08
Force America Distributing LLC    $212.37
Forum Communications Printing    $11,335.81
Foth Infrastructure & Environ LLC    $12,681.10
Four Season Property Care Inc    $500.00
Godfathers Exterminating Inc    $601.44
Grainger Inc    $390.72
Green Lights Recycling Inc    $1,673.72
Hanstad/Bruce    $100.00
Harris/Michael    $288.99
Hedahls Headquarters    $16.68
Holo/Sandy    $129.95
Houston Engineering Inc    $480.00
Independent/The    $58.00
Innovative Office Solutions    $128.69
J C’s General Store    $38.44
Keeprs Inc    $223.97
Kelly Services Inc    $3,658.07
Key Government Finance INC    $8,788.78
Kindred Plumbing & Heating INC    $90,962.50
Kinetic Leasing INC    $752.40
L & O Acres Transport Inc    $3,870.35
Lake Region Healthcare Corp    $800.00
Lakes Country Service Co Op    $6,625.00
Larry Ott Inc Truck Service    $725.00
Larson/Bernard    $246.62
Lee/Thomas    $479.67
Leitch Excavating    $892.00
Little Bear Towing    $375.13
Locators & Supplies Inc    $244.11
Matthew Bender & Company Inc    $197.73
Metcalf/Wendy L    $138.75
Midwestern Mat Rental & Sup Co    $84.48
Minnkota Enviro Services INC    $54.00
Mn Pollution Control Agency    $400.00
Mn Sheriffs’ Association    $287.20
Officemax Incorporated    $58.50
Olaon/Berton    $716.96
One Call Locators Ltd    $413.06
Optic Fuel Clean INC    $1,331.00
Otter Tail Co Auditor    $18.25
Otter Tail Co Treasurer    $51.00
Otter Tail Power Company    $16,953.22
Ottertail Trucking Inc    $11,522.31
Parkers Prairie Implement INC    $82.00
Partain/Kristie    $222.38
Phoenix Supply    $490.48
Pine Plaza TV & Appliance    $45.08
Pitney Bowes    $1,076.00
Powerplan OIB    $3,938.51
Productive Alternatives Inc    $162.91
Professional Agronomy Services    $14.99
Protective Safety Systems Llc    $600.00
Quill Corporation    $357.46
RDO Truck Centers    $3,900.88
RDO Trust #80-6130    $205.93
RRT Design & Construction    $62,879.00
Schierer/Steve    $328.40
Schwanke/Vicki    $51.42
Service Food Super Valu    $19.45
Shopko    $11.99
SimplexGrinnell    $434.98
Streichers    $615.70
Swanberg/Ricky    $7.50
Synergy Graphics    $290.70
Thomas/Kelly    $19.22
Thompson Reuters-West    $219.08
Thrifty White Pharmacy    $4,178.70
Thrifty White Pharmacy    $575.32
Titan Machinery Inc    $54.31
Tranquility Building Services    $454.22
Trimin Systems INC    $13,380.68
Uggerud/Ward    $348.17
Uhlmann/Monica    $38.00
Uniforms Unlimited INC    $1,144.76
United Parcel Service    $15.54
Victor Lundeen Company    $32.44
Voss Lighting    $36.55
Waletzko/Patrick    $45.20
Wallwork Truck Center    $1,351.73
Wass/David F    $238.71
West/Richard K    $29.66
Wilson/Warren R    $466.11
Final Total:    $335,175.29
Publicaion Date: July 11, 2013.

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