Salons open doors for displaced stylists

Published 3:55am Monday, July 15, 2013 Updated 5:59am Monday, July 15, 2013

On Thursday, just three days after she watched as her salon was severely damaged by a fire downtown, Livvy Ness was back doing what she does best.

While Attitudes for Hair is being cleaned and fixed up, Ness, the salon’s owner, and six other stylists will have chairs to cut hair after invitations from local salons, including Salon Eclips, Primp and Jewels in Underwood. Salon and Company also offered space.

“As far as still being able to work in salons, we’re just so grateful to everybody,” Ness said. “It’s huge. It’s our livelihood. Our whole lives depend on our clients and our work.”

Ness, who took over as owner of Attitudes in October, said they are hoping to be back in their home salon in two weeks. While they looked into temporary locations and even had offers from other businesses, licensing requirements made it too difficult to go anywhere else.

Watching the fire on Sunday night, she said the shock and disappointment was certainly overwhelming. But the reaction they’ve received from friends and clients, and the generous invitation to use other salons, has been encouraging.

“You feel like you keep getting hit down, but hopefully there is a bright future for us,” she said. “It’s all about competition with hair, so it was a relief that people were human and cared. You kind of turn the tables and say you would do this for someone else, but you don’t realize it until it happens.”

For Elaine Schultz, who extended the invitation to Ness on behalf of Salon Eclips, the offer to lend a hand was heartfelt.

“We’re more than happy to help out Attitudes. This is all about community,” Schultz said.

With chatter and the snap of scissors carrying through her temporary home, life was a little more normal for Ness. The change has been fun and even beneficial for her styling, she said.

“It’s like you get that nervous feeling, like going back to school,” Ness said. “It’s been fun. You get to see a different setup, different style, different hair. It’s fun to have change for the time being.”

Ness said Attitudes’ previous owners of 25 years, Deedee Moore and Marie Jacobson, Ness’s mother, have also offered a great deal of encouragement. She’s staying positive with the help of so many people and is hopeful about things to come.

“They’re disappointed, but they keep saying I’m young and will be back up, that I’ll be OK,” Ness said. “After this we’ll have an even better attitude and maybe some brighter things in the future.”

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