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Mosquito elimination not feasible [UPDATED]

Published 9:47am Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Updated 11:48am Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clearly, it would be nice if Fergus Falls residents were able to go outside without the inconveniences —and the potential risk of West Nile disease — that come with mosquitoes.

However, at $120,000 per year to spray for mosquitoes, it’s clearly not worth it.

Members of the Fergus Falls City Council are considering the idea based on some resident complaints.

While some cities such as Minneapolis spray for mosquitoes, it seems impractical for Fergus Falls, which is much less densely populated, and has plenty of lakes, the Otter Tail River and marshy areas within city limits, filled with mosquito habitat.

Considering the city isn’t flush with cash these days, clearly, such funds could be spent on more pressing priorities.

Council members need to listen to the complaints, but understand that the solution to getting rid of mosquitoes is simply not feasible.

  • loverton82

    I would like for the author of this editorial to identify themselves. What right do you have to decide the spraying of for mosquitoes is not worth it? Many less densely populated Minnesota communities such as Rothsay,
    Barnesville, Felton and Buxton have been spraying for years. Is spending $120,000 per year to spray for the mosquitoes worth the possibility of saving one person from contracting the West Nile Virus? If the City of Fergus Falls is able to keep giving the Pebble Lake Golf Course funds to operate, then they should consider spending the funds for spraying. Priorities.

    • Walt Henry

      Generally speaking, (I don’t know the structure of the Fergus Daily Journal) an unsigned editorial is the responsibility of the editor. He/she may not have written it for it might be the work of the “board of editors” but the editor is responsible for it being printed and the editorial represents the “official” opinion of the newspaper. (You have a good thing going here, folks. Sometimes this paper takes the position of a minority of its patrons but one it feels is in their best interest.)

    • Jake Krohn

      The West Nile Virus angle may be a bit of unnecessary hysteria. Minnesota has reported 11 cases of the disease so far this year, according to the CDC ( For a state with a population of about 5.4 million, that’s an infection rate of 0.0002%, which is comparable to an individual’s chances of being struck by lightning in any given year. We don’t make reducing lightning strikes a public safety priority, so should mosquito control be treated any differently?

      • Richard Olson

        Yes, mosquito control is not just to prevent West Nile Virus, but to reduce the annoying constant stings when outside.

      • BrendanJanssen

        As someone who has had the West Nile virus advance to meningitis and encephalitis (while living in Fergus might I add), it’s worth it. This is not the only disease transmitted through mosquitoes and is dangerous for anyone who might contract it. The thought process behind this article is simple wrong. The “we live in lakes country so no matter what we do there will be danger” thought is so misguided. Spraying heavily reduces those chances of contracting a mosquito born illness.

        Aside from the safety aspect of it, mosquitoes are simply a nuisance to all residents of the city.

  • Richard Olson

    Great, now at the next city council meeting someone will propose spraying for mosquitoes at the Country Club Golf Course. It will of course pass and the fee will be added to our utilities bill. Because families from around the world will move here to play golf in a mosquito free environment.

    The resulting building boom, second only to the ice palace building boom, will raise so much saw dust it will obscure the sun from Foxhome to Staples.

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