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America’s best days are still ahead of her [UPDATED]

Published 9:49am Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Updated 11:53am Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are having here in God’s Country. The Lord has made sure we are truly blessed here in Minnesota and especially, in Otter Tail County. We thank HIM for all the good ness that we have enjoyed and for all that is yet to come. America’s best days are still ahead!!

We support our troops is the theme this year for the otter tail county republican party and it has been very well received in the many parades we have been a part of. With flags flying, patriotic music playing, candy and stickers have been handed out to lots of smiling faces along the parade routes. Many times we have been moved close to tears when a veteran would stand proudly, some laboring to make the effort, to salute our symbol of freedom.

That makes it all worth it, to show that we truly do support our troops, past, present and future. Much support for our theme, our candidates and our party has been evident this summer and we look forward to the rest of the summer and it’s events.

No matter what party you are affiliated with or identify with, our troops are the reason we are free to assemble and to be part of the greatest hope called America.

On a very sad note, we lost a truly great friend and patriot when Retired Congressman Arlan Stangeland answered the call of his Lord and Savior and found his heavenly home. The funeral was attended by so many, a testimony of the humble yet greatness of a fine public servant. His family is living proof of what hard work, service to the community , church and country meant to Arlan. One of his daughters spoke of trying to tell her Dad “Slow down, Dad, you don’t have to do it all” and he turned to her and said “ I just don’t think I have any quit in me”.

When it appears that there are so many things to do, when it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle against the forces that would take over this county and take her down a path she was not intended to tred, I remind myself as we all should, We cannot let quit be a part of us.

Our veterans did not have quit in them and to honor that commitment, we, too, need to stand strong. United we stand and as I said earlier, America’s best days are still ahead.



Sue Nelson

Republican Party

of Otter Tail County

Chair woman

  • Walt Henry

    The Republican Party and their members in Congress might want to consider how they can end the cuts of sequester, stop cutting benefits of our returning veterans and keep the promises we’ve made to them and others (including those who hold our debt).

  • Richard Olson

    Less than one year ago Senate republicans blocked a cost of living increase for disabled veterans….but they support the troops.

    Talk is cheap and when it comes to funding federal programs
    intended to benefit our returning Veterans, Republicans are even cheaper. It is unconscionable for the Republicans to sing their own praises on how “they” support our Vets but at the same time consistently obstruct and veto programs intended to help
    our returning servicemen and women.

    Republicans on Capitol Hill are the biggest culprits. In FY
    2009, they voted against providing our troops in harm’s way in Iraq and
    Afghanistan with everything they need during the remainder of FY 2009, such as
    $1.9 billion more that was requested for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)
    vehicles to protect our troops.

    In 2010, they voted against providing special $500 payments for every month that 185,000 service members and veterans were forced to serve under stop-loss orders since September 11, 2001. Again in 2012, 29 Republicans voted (Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch did not vote) against restoring our nation’s military readiness by funding the Army’s and Marine Corps’ equipment reset requirements, giving the military a 3.4 percent pay
    raise, and expanding and strengthening health care services.

    Republicans also voted against extending the New GI Bill college benefits to all children of service members who have died on active duty since 9-11-01.

    Republicans voted against ensuring that activated military reservists do not suffer a pay cut by providing a tax credit for small businesses employers who continue to pay their National Guard and Reserve employees when they are called up to serve

    Support for our Vets must mean more than just a pat on the back;
    we need to support our Veterans with our generosity as a grateful nation. They
    did multiple tours, left their spouse and children, and sacrificed everything for our nation and all the GOP wants to give
    them in return for their service is “lip” service , but no real thank you, just
    partisan politics. There is a time for politics and then there is a time to help, and now is the time to help our returning Veterans.

    ( I copied part of this from Bob Griffith’s Blog)

    • J Mullins

      P.S. Most of the bills you reference as being victims of the GOP were acted on during times when the Dems had control of both the house and senate (FYs 2009, 2010, 2011). Those FYs (Fiscal years) begin in the fall of the year prior, , so FY 2009 began under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reids leadership (both Dems)in 2008; then FY 2010 began in fall of 2009 under Barack 0beyme, Nancy and Harry ; FY 2011 began in fall of 2010 under 0beyme, Nancy, Harry. You guys had total control so the actons of the GOP were irrelevant. If any of those bills failed it was due to the votes of the Democrat majorities.

  • Richard Olson

    Did you ever notice how republicans always have an excuse why the voted to put the screws to the little guy or veterans.

    They had no problems voting billions of dollars for subsides to multi-national oil companies or corporate farms.

    But give a dime to veterans and it a Christmas Tree.

    The fact is that conservatives support the troops right up to the point where the troops become veterans, then they are expendable, they have served their purpose and there is no more profit to be made from them.

  • Walt Henry

    I just got a good laugh from a friend. Maybe everyone has heard this before. I hadn’t. Reince Priebus is the National Chairman of the Republican National Committee (the RNC).
    If you take all of the vowels out of his name you are left with Rnc Pr bs. No doubt Obama is responsible for this subtle mockery too. :)

  • cyberdog

    “here in God’s Country. The Lord has made sure we are truly blessed here in Minnesota and especially, in Otter Tail County”

    It has nothing to do with the Christian god. You don’t speak for me, nor my state or county.

  • Walt Henry

    I think that’s why it is important to stick just to the effects of sequester. If keeping promises made to veterans benefits cost $1.00 last year, this year they can only cost $.95 or some money must be moved from some other source within the Veteran’s Department to make up the difference. (Notice how reluctant the Republicans are to come up with a negotiated compromise to the Federal Budget.) There is zero chance to successfully spin or distort facts in sequester conversations.

  • Walt Henry


  • Richard Olson

    Exactly how is a joke following a letter from local republicans changing the subject?

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