19-year-old gets 24 months for murder conspiracy plot

Published 10:59am Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One of the people involved in a murder conspiracy plot from last October in Pelican Rapids was sentenced to 24 months in prison Monday, Aug. 26 in Otter Tail County District Court.

Brandtley Patrick Hutson, 19, of Dilworth, was sentenced in Otter Tail County District Court for felony first-degree aggravated robbery. He pleaded guilty June 24. In exchange for the plea, an additional felony charge of first-degree conspiracy to commit assault was dismissed.

Hutson was one of eight people, including three juveniles, involved in the plot that involved robbing and burning a house in Pelican Rapids, and murdering the occupants.

According to the criminal complaint, the group drove two vehicles to a Pelican Rapids home Oct. 4, 2012 and brought along a crow bar, bear mace, a lead pipe, a knife, a machete, a metal baseball bat, gasoline and a gun. The plan was to kill everyone inside and burn down the house.

One of the house’s occupants, Fikret Saric, walked into the front yard and fired two gunshots, one of which struck the passenger side front door of one of the vehicles. The alleged motive in the case was to retrieve stolen marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a drug deal gone bad.


  • P. Carlson

    Still think marijuana should be legal and doesn’t cause crime? This sentence makes me sick to know our legal system looks at this so lightly. This guy has no respect for life. Think you will be safe when he gets out so soon and wants drug money.?

  • JoeyShabado

    If it was legal, we wouldn’t have ‘drug deals gone bad’.

  • marsprojectforthebetter

    Hate to brake it to long of you but Minnesota is already thinking they should legalize it. Their thinking is they don’t want to be the last state. Basically their don’t want to be stuck in the stoneage. Yes it will put an end to this type of crime may even bring down people selling their pain pills which is one of Fergus falls big drug problems after meth. One thing that bugs me is people say oh its a gate way drug. No cigarettees are the gate way drug! I was againist drugs has a kid, I got shots daily and was on a lot of pills. I hated it cried or refused to take them and when I didn’t I couldn’t walk could barely sit up. The whole time I was being told to just smoke pot or eat it I’d be pain free I said its a drug and its the devil. Finally did some reseach and found out eating it was best for me. I never tried anything else and never will.

    • marsprojectforthebetter

      Sorry phone changes my words might to be ya all not long. My brother started smoking cigarettes then pot then meth which killed him. I have never smoke a cigarette or pot or anything else. I see lots of kids who smoke cigarettes and their parents let them, then they move on to drugs not all but a lot. Don’t get me wrong smoking anything is bad for your health, but I think there is a future in marijuana for a natural pain relief with no side effects.

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