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Nothing good can come of Obamacare [UPDATED]

Published 9:46am Thursday, August 29, 2013 Updated 11:47am Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obamacare — stimulus — unemployment — entitlements — executive authority– executive privilege — executive orders — exemptions — IRS — NSA — DOJ — SNAP–Libya — Egypt — Syria — Yemen — Iran — Afghanistan — Pakistan — North Korea — Mexico — deficit — debt — spending — borrowing — scandal — crisis — golf? And the beat goes on.


Gene Keller

Fergus Falls

  • Walt Henry

    Sonny and Cher 1967.

  • Walt Henry

    It’s a slow news day so I’ll take my few moments before work to ask one of Gene’s friends to ask him about Emerge Nevada, Emerge Maine and Emerge Massachusetts and have the courage to post his answer in the print version of the FFDJ. (In the mean time I, for one, am glad the IRS does its job. It is somehow un-American to let people get tax breaks they don’t deserve. Maybe the radicalized Republicans just can’t separate politics from education.)

  • Walt Henry

    MNsure (Obamacare for Minnesota) released its premiums today. The rate I would pay, had the same conditions existed now as in 1998, is $200 a month CHEAPER than my company supplied insurance at that time. In fact, it would probably allow the 9 other men who became retirement eligible when I did but couldn’t retire because over 1/3 of their retirement checks would have gone to pay health insurance premiums likely could retire.
    Also, 168,000 new jobs created in August and employers in Minnesota, yes Minnesota, the state run by Democrats, with new business to business taxes, new tax increases on those who have the most left in their paychecks after they pay their living expenses, have the unfilled jobs since 2007. Things are looking good, even if Obama decided to put Congress on the spot and make them do something about gassing people in Syria. (Maybe he should have used an executive order, huh, Gene?)

    • Walt Henry

      “the MOST unfilled jobs since 2007.”

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