A Walk in her Shoes

Published 4:42pm Monday, August 12, 2013

Its 1:34 in the

afternoon, and the hope of an actual lunch

break has come and gone, but her growling stomach is starting to become increasingly conspicuous in front of patients. So she quickly munches on an apple slice, as she reads the referral notes for next office visit to herself.Dr. Cabrera Medical Photo

When you’re an Urgent Care doctor on a busy day, and you’re responsibilities range anywhere from saving lives to curing colds, skipping lunch breaks is just part of the territory. You never know when or how many people are gonna show up and need immediate medical attention. But the people of Fergus Falls, MN can rest assured in the fact that at the moment something goes wrong, Dr. Christine Cabrera of the Walk-In Clinic at Lake Region Healthcare will be ready for them.

Dr. Cabrera has been a part of the Lake Region Healthcare staff working in Urgent Care for about a year and a half. Inspired by a love for nutrition and the sciences, she states she chose Family Medicine because “I wanted to do something where I could make a difference”. She describes the most satisfying aspect of her career as being able to interact with patients and help them and their families, and whether by getting to know the children she once helped deliver or by walking someone through a difficult diagnosis, she’s certainly making an impact in the lives of her patients.

Working hard to get to this point in her career, Dr. Cabrera’s had quite the journey from growing up in Fergus Falls, MN, her residency at UCSD, her time spent working at of the clinic in Camp Pendleton, her two years serving as an Urgent Care provider in San Diego Ca, to her eventual return back to her homeland of Fergus Falls. To some it may be a mystery as to why after settling in sunny southern California, she would choose to return here to place her roots. But for Dr. Cabrera, family is clearly a high priority and with a now two year old son, she wants him to have the chance to be near his grandparents. “It’s not about a specific location for me, it’s just getting to be near my family”, she says. Perhaps we can all appreciate the sweet simplicity that Fergus Falls has to offer in comparison to a big city like San Diego, but for Dr. Cabrera it wasn’t about location, it was about with whom she wanted to share her life. Thankfully that means we get the benefit of having her amongst our community for many years ahead, as she states “I enjoy where I’m at and plan to do this for a very long time”.

One of the most distinguishing qualities about Dr. Cabrera is the peaceful demeanor in which she carries herself. A quality that’s certainly admirable given the stressful nature of her job and the many hats she wears. She credits her husband, Alex Cabrera, for helping her to balance the long schedule she keeps at the clinic with her personal life. Having met during a Y2K New Year’s Eve celebration, the couple is a great example of how to work as a team to support each other in both family and career goals. Furthermore, Dr. Cabrera has always looked up to her grandmother, describing her as the leading example in her own life of how to manage a busy schedule.“ My grandmother did it all”, she states, “baking, quilting, raising 7 kids…she even used to set up a kitchen in a railroad cart and travel around throughout farm sites to feed the workers”. Dr. Cabrera continues the legacy of the strong female examples she’s had in her life, and all the while still finds time for some of her personal favorite activities such as cooking, reading, sewing, running, and taking time each morning to “take my cup of coffee & my bible”, something she enjoys in addition to spending time with her family.

But she’s only just getting started. Dr. Cabrera not only hopes the next chapter of her story to involve expanding her family with more children, but she looks forward to many years spent in the company of her parents, nieces, nephews, and surrounding family, as well as a long future continuing her passion of practicing medicine.

Residents of Fergus Falls and surrounding towns should take comfort in the fact that if God forbid, they too should find themselves in need of medical care, they will at least be in close distance to Dr. Cabrera and her medical team at the Walk-In clinic of Lake Region Healthcare. If it weren’t for her already busy schedule one could even recommend a visit just to say hello, because Dr. Cabrera is not only an asset to the community, a loving mother and wife, and a leading example in our community, but she also happens to be a genuinely nice person.

by Cierra Drexler

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