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Good ideas presented by ‘other’ party on health care

Published 9:17am Friday, August 23, 2013 Updated 11:22am Friday, August 23, 2013

The President is fond of saying that the ‘Other’ party has never even offered an alternative to his health plan. Here are some new ideas:

1– Urge all STATE Legislatures to make illegal anyone or any entity from buying Health Insurance for anyone except themselves or for immediate family members.

2-This will effectively kill all group insurance plans for everybody in America.

3-Federal or States mandate that all insurance companies be required to accept all applications for health insurance non-selectively without medical underwriting.

4-The Federal government CAN offer, for instance, a Credit of $5,000 to each citizen towards the individual person or family by way of Social Security number.

5-Additionally, any business MAY contribute extra salary in equal amounts to each employee towards the employee’s purchase of said individual, non-group Guaranteed Issue, Guaranteed Renewable Health insurance.

6-Since insurance companies are in the business of making health insurance available to people, they will be free to stay in business and compete for these individual polices or leave the health insurance market without discrimination.

7-This will exclude some people residing in the USA when the insurance company’s attorneys sue them for non-payment of their medical expenses; they will have the choice of paying them, or leaving the country.

8- Citizens who choose not to be insured will be required to be responsible for all of their own medical expenses and their family dependents.

9- Phase out the current Medicare system immediately for all citizens under age 50. This will allow 15 years to fix any problems that may crop up.


Kirby Ronsley Greene


  • Walt Henry

    If there wasn’t already a law in place, some of these suggestions might be worth considering. The problem is no party is considering them, much less working for their adoption. (The Republican House could pass each of these as their alternative to ACA but only seem to want to vote (40 times) to repeal.) As for me–I favor single payer health “insurance” much like Medicare as a replacement for ACA, but with no support from “the other party” that is unlikely and we are “stuck” with Obamacare (better than nothing).

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    Number 8 reminds me of the crowd at one of the Republican candidate forums when they yelled at Ron Paul “Let them die!”

    Makes me worried about the kind of a person who would even suggest this approach – must have a cold, dead heart.

  • Richard Olson

    I had to check my calendar. I thought I pulled a Rip Van Winkle and it was April 1 st .

    Then I realized that the author must have beaucoup stock in a for profit health insurance company. Why else forbid lower group rates, then mandate individual policies at higher rates? Better yet, how about a little Socialism for “for profit” health insurance companies with a subsidized $5000.00 check from the government?

    I’ve already given this LTE more attention than it deserves but his number 9 is especially deserving of additional derision. “Medicare” is not the problem, it is the “answer” to a problem. We don’t need nine years to reinvent the wheel and resolve issues corrected years ago. For Pete’s sake, even right wing, knuckle dragging tea baggers want their Medicare.

    There is nothing in this letter about cost savings, or improvements to our current system. There is a reason these ideas are not being talked about.

    • Richard Olson

      Correction………..when I said ……“We don’t need nine years to reinvent the wheel”…… I meant 15 years, not 9.

  • Richard Olson

    Some research by another party indicates that the author of this LTE is an insurance agent. Although his license is inactive, and he is a certified “Magi Astrologer”.

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