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Governor Dayton, ‘How serious are you?’

Published 11:57am Friday, August 16, 2013

This past legislative session saw unprecedented tax increases. These tax increases were something I and many others, were very opposed too.

These huge tax increases happened even though surplus revenues were coming into the state coffers. The DFL leadership is “counting on you to forget” who is to blame.

These tax increases are starting to hit Minnesotans and Minnesota Business, at the worst of times.

Crop prices are nowhere near where they were at this time last year.

However, the DFL along with Governor Dayton, have now taxed farmers, as if prices were unchanged.

New warehouse taxes and taxes on labor are adding cost to farmers dealing with these low prices.

There is an opportunity for the Democrats to get things right.

Gov. Dayton has begun the discussion of having a special session this fall to address the devastating storms that occurred this past spring.

While those topics should remain at the forefront of the session, this is a golden opportunity to repeal these taxes.

Gov. Dayton himself recently acknowledged that these taxes should be repealed but not until it’s convenient for him in 2014.

So I ask you Governor, if you are serious about repealing these taxes why not now?

Minnesotans need to know, that the DFL controlled legislature along with Gov. Dayton can repeal these tax increases at the very same time and on the same day, when we all come together to deal with the storm funding.

With both parties agreeing these are bad taxes, let’s see just how “serious” our Governor is.

I encourage every Minnesotan to call their legislator, and tell them that after we take care of the folks devastated by these storms we also in a bipartisan fashion, repeal these two simple tax increases.

Democrats and Republicans agree on this.

The DFL is in total control; let’s see just how serious they are in getting this done.


Bill Ingebrigtsen

State Senator

District 8

  • Richard Olson

    What? Is Senator Ingebrigtsen in the third grade? I’ve got news for you Senator, we don’t tax farmers according to the value, quality or quantity of the crops they raise or sell. That’s one of the silliest ideas to ever seep from a tea bag.

    How about regular workers in a factory or clerk in a store. Many have seen no pay increase in years. Do you adjust their taxes to reflect that loss. Even those who did see wage increases did not keep pace with inflation, are their taxes reduced because they made less than last year?

    Instead of trying to pump us full of sunshine, why don’t you start to work with the DFL who are putting this state back on a sound financial footing after you guys run it into the ditch by playing with tax numbers.

    By the way, if you’re proud to be a republican, why not say so in your signature block?

  • Walt Henry

    52% of the time a Republican says things that are either not absolutely untrue or so distorted they are wholly deceptive. With this letter Mr. Ingebrigtsen is maintaining the average.
    He writes, “New warehouse taxes and taxes on labor are adding cost to farmers” Notice he used the word ARE. He knows, or should know the warehouse tax doesn’t even begin until next April.
    Also, Mr. Ingebrigtsen would watch public television on Friday nights if he won’t read his emails. I’ve known for two weeks or more Governor Dayton has been considering a special session to deal with storm damage and the farm equipment tax. He has written Mr. Ingebrigtsen’s Republican bosses requesting they agree to a special session limited to those two items. So far the Republicans have not agreed. As of 8/14 conversations are ongoing or so we would be led to believe by the responsible press.
    There was a letter recently published in this paper attributed to someone of status in the Ottertail County Republican Party. There were quite a number of references to Jesus in that letter. Unless lies and deceptions are a part of the teachings of Jesus, that is, that He used them to convince people of something or other, I would suggest that letter writer use her influence to encourage Mr. Ingebrigtsen to write things closer to the truth.

  • Walt Henry

    After an hour long meeting today with Republican leaders of the legislature and with the majority leaders, Dayton decided it might not be necessary to hold a special session for disaster relief from the June storms after all. Because Republicans wouldn’t agree to limit the session to just two things, (special sessions cost money) disaster relief and the farm equipment tax, it looks like the farm tax stays, at least for now. The warehouse tax does not go into effect until the next legislative session will have been in session for a month so it seems no quick “fix” is necessary at this time. It looks as though obstructionist politics of the Republicans is going to block tax repeals and hurt the Minnesota farmer. However, the parties do agree IF there is to be a special session it will be held on September 9th.

  • Richard Olson

    Attention fellow tea baggers! This is your glorious leader speaking to you from freedom headquarters at Bob Jones University (BJU).
    One of our members from the Science department has come up with a new way to embarrass the socialist pretender in the white house.

    Listen carefully because this is a very clever play on words or letters or something in Obama’s name. Get this ….we start calling him Obeyme. Is that clever or what? Ha,ha. That will make him sound like he’s a dictator. Get it? And we all have to obey him because he is Obeyme the dictator!

    You are all ordered to start using this clever new nickname for the Marxist Kenyan without a birth certificate in all your written propaganda. Remember such clever twisting of names like this will win us back the white house, and make others believe we really really clever people.

    • Walt Henry

      Richard, as long as you bring up Kenya let me add a thought. Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas who thinks he might make a good president and who many of the Tea Party/Republican Party members thinks might be a good President was born in Canada. His mother was an American citizen; his father Cuban. Hmmmm Maybe the Tea Partiers don’t really know their Constitution or could it be they just don’t care about things like honesty or integrity so long as they can con other people to buy into their warped sense of reality? (Maybe they are racist–shhh–if we talk about that we might be seen to be dividing the country. Heaven forbid we talk of facts, math or with a sense of history.)

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    This letter is just full of crap. Tll me Bill, how has the tax increases on the top 1% affect you personally? Quit shilling for the top 1% and start working for the rest of us. We see right through your lies.

  • Walt Henry

    It seems the Republicans didn’t want to repeal the farm repairs tax enough to make it happen. Special session September 9th and the tax stays.

  • Richard Olson

    During the lull from the tea bag gas powered blast furnace, I decided to count the lies/falsehoods/untruths/fiction/fibs/C&B/BS and outright fairytales Camilla could cram into one comment.

    Because the above comment is one of her shorter less rancorous and bitter commentaries I found a mere fifteen (15). I could have counted two more but I gave her the benefit of the doubt on those.

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