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Public servants should get recognition [UPDATED]

Published 9:33am Friday, August 2, 2013 Updated 11:45am Friday, August 2, 2013

I would like to publicly exspress my appreciation to Charlie Kampa, the local Veterans Services Offices and his employees, for their handling of my claims as a veteran’s widow.

Too often we do not give these public servants and their employees credit for what they do for us. The residents of Otter Tail County should be grateful for dedicated public servants. Thank you, Charlie.


Helen E. Johnson

Fergus Falls

  • cyberdog

    What did he do that the average man was not doing right here in America to keep America fed and working? Why shouldn’t all Americans be taken care of at tax payer expense as veterans are? They worked as hard as any veteran.

    • CheriLyon

      Not all veterans are taken care of “just for working” as put in previous comment. Veterans that become disabled by fighting for the freedom to post ridiculous and uninformed opinions should be taken care of and many of them are not either. It is a promise made when someone signs up for service that if something happens to you that your country will repay your sacrifice by taking care of you. If you wonder about other taxpayers being taken care of do your research as many people are taken care of by taxpayer dollars after becoming injured on civilian jobs. As to the original intent of this letter of kudos to a group of terrific public servants I add my thanks and appreciation to them as well. If you don’t think that veterans have done anything special you are free to leave the U.S. too.

    • vicki bjorem

      I just want to say that back in the 70s my husband signed up for the Army with a young family beginning and he was promised medical care if he signed up. It was a big deal! He was PROMISED this! He had a back injury and loss of hearing from running big equipment. He served his time time and came out and started a business. He did ok. He went to the VA and they told him ..if you can afford not to come here that would help us out… …help your country.. So he said ok. Meanwhile his buddy said heck, not me , and he kept going to the VA. Forward years later and things are not so good and the VA said , well you never used us for anything so you are not grandfathered in. We will not help you att all. But your buddy can because he didn’t quit coming here and he can always come here and get medical help. —he didn’t help out his country by paying his own way for 20 years… So my husband served his country for the promise of medical care……and he was crapped on! What are they promising recruits NOW they won’t ever see?

      • Richard Olson

        Your story does not make sense. There is no such thing as being “grandfathered” for health care with the VA. You either have a service connected disability or you don’t. If you do, you need to get your disability rated. Ratings range from zero to one hundred percent. Even if you have a low rating you can still get healthcare at the VA, you may have a small co-pay, but you still can get healthcare. And it doesn’t matter how long your husband waited (I waited 39 years)

        Your husband needs to call the Veterans Service Office on Court Street in Fergus Falls (the very people this article is about) their phone number is 998-8605. Ask for an appointment with Jane or Charlie. These people know what they are talking about and can help your husband. The worst thing you can do is waste time talking to people who don’t and so-called experts outside the system. Nearly every case is different so don’t be swayed by rumors or tales by people bitter because they weren’t qualified.

  • 1dane1961

    As a disabled American Veteran, I take offense to your comment. All military personnel are subject to working 23 hours out of a 24 hour day, putting their lives on the line to give all Americans the right to express their opinions. Veterans are taxpayers, just as you are, so they get paid by the taxes they also pay. Not everybody is cut out to be in the military, but I’m proud to say that I am a veteran and you should be thankful that there are still people willing to do what they are required to do to give you the liberties you have

  • Richard Olson

    Working hard is one thing. Getting shot while working hard is another. If anyone doubts me, just give me a call, I’ll come over and give you a demonstration of the difference.

    • camobabe

      Richard, please clarify for me. Are you saying that if
      anyone doubts you, you will come over and shoot them?

      Just asking…

      • Richard Olson

        Camilla, as tempting as that sounds…………… no. I guess not.

      • Elliot Dallavalle

        Camilla – Try changing a tire on a Humvee while in combat and being shot at. It’s quite the rush.

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