SUMMER BODY?? How about EVERYDAY body!

Published 4:08pm Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer is finally here, it’s time to get out to enjoy the uplifting sunshine and the beautiful atmosphere we wait for all winter long. Summer can bring the opportunity for venturing into new experiences, family vacations and social events but with that can bring the urge to indulge and lose track of ourselves and our routines.

“FOOD is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and EXERCISE is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant.”

- Bill Phillips

This summer, don’t let yourself get lost! You’ve worked so hard to meet your goals, let’s continue down that path and make your lifestyle change stick for good! If you haven’t started yet, now’s your chance. Get motivated, get excited and take that first step!

My challenge to you this Summer to keep up that EVERYDAY Body:

1) Practice portion control,

2) Continue to schedule in your workouts as if they were important appointments,

3) Live in the moment, which includes utilizing that bench, picnic table or lawn chair you walk by everyday!

Follow these 4 exercises:



Step UpsStep Up Stage 1 Step Up Stage 2

Step up with your left foot, pressing through your heel as you lift yourself completely up onto the bench. Then step down with your left foot, returning to your start. Complete a full set on your left. Then repeat on your right side.

Modification: position yourself next to something you can hang on to for balance.

Beginner: 2×5 on each leg, Advanced: 3×12 on each leg



PushupsPushup Stage 2Pushup Stage 1

Position yourself in a plank, with hands a little wider than your shoulders. Lower yourself to the bench, keeping abs and bum tucked in and engaged. Push yourself back up. Repeat.

Beginner: 2×5

Advanced 3×10



Hip Abduction Hip Abduction Stage 1 Hip Abduction Stage 2

Standing tall, abs engaged, lift right leg out to the side and return back to your center.

DO NOT let yourself lean as you lift, stay tall and keep control. Complete a full set, then repeat on your left side.

Beginner: 2x 8

Advanced: 3×15




Tricep DipsTricep Dip Stage 1 Tricep Dip Stage 2

Sitting on the bench, fingertips on the front of the seat, move yourself off the bench with legs straight. Lower yourself to the ground, then push back up to the start and repeat.

Modification: Bend knees to offset some of your bodyweight.

Beginner: 2×5

Advanced: 3×10



by Natalie Knutson



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