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Swift concert a memory now [UPDATED]

Published 4:00am Monday, September 9, 2013 Updated 6:02am Monday, September 9, 2013

By the time you read this column, I will have attended the concert of one of the most popular artists in my daughter’s generation — Taylor Swift.

For my 8-year-old daughter, it’s about the greatest experience ever. She has at least five of Swift’s albums, and every time a song is on the radio, she can sing every line. It’s quite amazing.

For myself, it’s OK too. Would I rather see U2 or Radiohead? Sure. Did I actually skip her concert one year at WeFest, choosing instead to sit around at the campground doing, well, nothing? Yes, I admit to doing such a thing.

Will I be outnumbered at the concert by about 1,000-to-1 by girls between the ages of, say, 7 and 15? I’d bet the farm on it.

All that said, Swift has plenty of catchy tunes. I caught myself jogging with a spring in my step when “WE…ARE NEVER, EVER, EVER…GETTING BACK TOGETHER” blared into my earbuds around Lake Alice the other day.

Besides, there’s something particularly fun about going to a concert with your daughter.

Just for kicks, I took a look at what was popular on the radio in 1978, the year I was the same age as my daughter is now.

It was absolutely dominated by “Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease,” and disco. I don’t think I went to Saturday Night Fever, but I do remember seeing “Grease” at the drive-in theater in Little Falls.

Obviously, music distribution is a whole lot different now than it was back then. The only way I was able to hear popular music was by tuning into Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40” on Sundays. It was a great show.

Now, my daughter can simply download songs on her iPod Touch (and then I get the bill). Must be nice.


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Last year, when the Minnesota Vikings started the season, my expectations were rather low. There was no reason for them to be any higher. They stunk the previous year.

It was probably why I enjoyed their final four regular season games so much.

At 6-6, it was just as likely they would go 6-10 as they would 10-6. The fact that they won all four games and surprised the heck out of Vikings fans made it as glorious of a season as they’ve ever had.

The two most recent years where they’ve made serious playoff runs — 1998 and 2010 — everyone expected them to, and then they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. That’s not so glorious.

This year, it would be nice to believe that, as Brett Favre once said, “All the pieces are in place.”

I truly believe they have almost all the pieces in place.

The defense looks solid and deep and should stop the run and pass effectively, they have the greatest running back on the planet in Adrian Peterson, they have added some great receivers in Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson (had to Google his name to spell it), and their fully returning offensive line should jell even more this year.

The almost, of course, is due to the fact that the jury is still out on quarterback Christian Ponder, and I’m not sure backup Matt Cassel is any better.

Ponder might turn out to be a good quarterback. But he really needs to show something this year.

I haven’t seen enough good things from him yet to believe.


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