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Congratulations to Mr. Holicky [UPDATED]

Published 10:06am Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Updated 12:07pm Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In August, Jerome Holicky, FFHS Science Teacher, received a letter from Robert Elde, Dean of the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota.

The letter congratulated Mr. Holicky and told him he should be proud of the way he influenced and supports students through his work in the classroom.

New students at the University of Minnesota are invited to nominate one of their teachers for recognition.

Former Fergus Falls student, Keianna Vogel said in her nomination, “At first, Mr. Holicky was extremely intimidating as he was unlike any teacher I had had before; he pushed me far outside my comfort zones with his lectures, questions, homework and tests.

“He made me think through problems rather than simply telling me the answer. When I didn’t understand a concept he would meet with me and help me think through the concept giving me bits of information to add to what I already knew so I would gain a thorough understanding with the knowledge I already had and a little bit of help.”

“Prior to having Mr. Holicky, I found science extremely difficult and something I didn’t have a knack for. But through the process of Mr. Holicky teaching me AP Physics, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Functions, and other mathematical concepts in math league, science and math quickly became my favorite subjects.

“Mr. Holicky encouraged me that science was something that even I could understand and though he encouraged me to pursue math and the sciences in college, he did not force anything — and after four years, I grew to love the field due to Mr. Holicky’s knowledge and teaching ability. I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Mr. Holicky will be honored for his teaching and mentoring at the annual College of Biological Sciences Recognition and Appreciation Dinner on October 24.

He will receive the Sarah L. Tilman Memorial Science Teacher Award given in memory of a professor’s daughter.

This award comes with $500 that he will put towards fulfilling his teaching mission.

Congratulations to Mr. Holicky for this award. He has been a positive influence on many students over his teaching career. We are very proud of Mr. Holicky and how he represents Fergus Fall Public Schools — Where Excellence is Expected.


MAC PTO funds Chromebooks

Thanks to MAC (McKinley, Adams, Cleveland) PTO funds, Cleveland Elementary has received Chromebooks for each classroom! Chromebooks are laptop computers that use the Chrome web browser with google doc applications.

Chromebooks can be used for Accelerated Reader tests, Google docs, and Internet Research.

The Chromebooks can access the internet wirelessly or can be plugged into the network.

A big thank you to the MAC PTO. This is one way the funds raised throughout the school year go towards benefiting student learning.


Bleacher update

We are currently researching and analyzing the costs of repairing the current bleachers, including making them handicap accessible, versus replacing the bleachers.

We anticipate the cost estimates will be available in November, followed by a decision made by the School Board. The goal will be to start working on the bleachers right away in the spring.

The funding source will be from either the school’s capital outlay funds or fundraising for all or part of the project.


Back-to-school successful

All of the back-to-school events were very helpful in promoting a successful start to the school year. The open houses and teachers’ inservice were specifically instrumental in our great start.

A reminder to parents that there are new features in PowerSchool, the student information system the school uses for report cards and notifications. If you have more than one child in school, you can now log in once and have access to all your children’s information.

Also, you can sign up for notifications via phone call, text or email. Visit the District’s website at for more information.


Jerry Ness is the superintendent for Fergus Falls Public Schools.


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