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President’s golf game should take a back seat [UPDATED]

Published 9:20am Friday, September 13, 2013 Updated 11:21am Friday, September 13, 2013

I’d like to respond to Mr. Meether’s letter to the editor of Sept. 11, 2013.

To begin I’d like to repeat my letter to the editor printed Aug. 29:

Obamacare—stimulus—bailout—unemployment —entitlements—executive authority—executive privilege—executive orders—exemptions—IRS—NSA—DOJ—SNAP—Libya—Egypt—Syria—Yemen—Iran—Afghanistan—Pakistan—North Korea—Mexico—deficit—debt—spending—borrowing—scandal—crisis—golf?

And the beat goes on…

That was it, friends.

The Journal entitled the letter “Nothing good can come of Obamacare.”

I was merely showing my disapproval of the President prioritizing golf over these items, nothing else.

The Journal and Mr. Meether misunderstood my letter.

Also, I’d like to mention an online blogger, who often accuses others of not reading what he said, scolded me with some diatribe of presidents past, and hinted of racism.

Mr. O., read what I wrote.


Gene Wells

Fergus Falls

  • Walt Henry

    Now Gene has me really confused. While it is possible to play 18 holes in less than 2 1/2 hours, the typical golfer needs about 4. Is Gene suggesting Obama is capable of solving all of these problems in 4 hours, even the ones made up by the Radical Republicans in the House? Is it being suggested Obama is god?

    BTW–Sonny and Cher still sang “The Beat Goes On” in 1967 and it was a pretty big hit. Is the suggestion that Obama is an equally big hit?

  • Richard Olson

    Hey Gene Wells/Keller, take a gander at your hero George Bush dealing with terrorism and (gulp) Golf!

  • grammaj

    A major Journal error has been made in this letter to the editor. It was signed “Gene Wells”. I did NOT write this letter!! I don’t know who did write it but the Journal has been made aware of the error.

    • Walt Henry

      I wouldn’t want my name associated with racism, bigotry, stupidity or ignorance either. :)

  • Richard Olson

    The original letter (nothing good can come of Obamacare) was written and signed by Gene Keller and can be found at

    The second letter written and signed by Gene Wells who claims authorship of the first letter, attempts to divorce himself of the clear intent of the first letter.

    Now we have a comment by a third person (Jan Wells) stating that she did not write the second letter.
    Anyone can see the difference between “Jan” and “Gene”, so I doubt anyone associated the second letter with Jan Wells anyway.

    I think someone on the right is getting their multiple identity’s confused. It can’t be long before Camilla shows up to claim it’s all a vicious plot by the liberals and Marxists to steal her liberty and freedom.

  • grammaj

    I apologize that I wrote I instead of he. Gene is my husband and HE DID NOT WRITE THE LETTER NOR DOES HE/I WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THIS. IT IS AN ERROR OF THE JOURNAL. Please leave us out of this diatribe as you call it. Thank you!!!

  • Walt Henry

    One thing about Obamacare–MnSure rates are out, or at least a preview of them have been released. When using their website be sure you understand the complete cost of the premium you are currently paying for your health care. (If you are receiving insurance through your employer and your share of the cost is not the total cost add the two together.) A radicalized Republican I know was blasting Obamacare and the rates of MnSure. She claimed the cost of a policy through MnSure would be $100 higher than she was now paying for insurance through her employer for herself, husband and two non-student children between the ages of 21 and 26. What she forgot to do was add the $440/month her employer paid for her health insurance to the $600 she was paying for her family coverage. In other words, the health care premium for her would be $340 LESS under Obamacare. Now having written that let me point out this is just one example and ACA will effect different people differently, and that friends is not what people like the biased and ignorant will tell you. Find someone you can trust and let them help you through the sign-up process. Don’t trust a Republican–studies show they either lie or intentionally deceive over 50% of the time.

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  • Walt Henry

    Merle, where are his facts? On what factual basis does he form his opinion? Most of the words he lists are “phony scandals” purposed by those who would see him fail and have attempted to bring about that result from the very beginning. Other words he lists are powers given the President, ALL presidents, and used by many “white guys” before him. If the letter writer had checked the official records many other presidents have taken many more vacation days than the current one. So without facts supporting his position, and reality and history at odds with his opinion what can be the cause of such hatred? If not racism, then ignorance? Those are facts Merle; to ignore them is to point to insanity.

  • Walt Henry

    One wonders why principal parties within the Republican Party would meet on the night of Obama’s inauguration to plot strategies to thwart the man and the policies chosen by the majority of the American people? Why would the Republican leader of the Senate dedicate 4 years to making him a one term president, rather than do the will of the American people? Why is the Republican leader of the House, charged with investigating “Scandals”, not willing to accept the conclusions of the independent but Republican led investigation into the deaths in Benghazi? I believe these actions are unprecedented, just as Obama set precedent for breaking the race barrier in the While House. I can only guess some are too limited to wonder about complex things, too ignorant to recognize their opinions don’t match the facts to fearful to truly rely on God’s plans without meddling or too racist to willingly accept the President of the United States had a black father. Having said that I do miss the music of the ’60′s, music, the words of which I could understand, and the hair I could comb.

  • Walt Henry

    No, I’m not picking on the unfortunate so no nasty emails please. To clarify a statement made—only natural born citizens of the Unites States can become President of the United States. A baby born to a mother who is a citizen of the United States and born on/in US controlled territory is a natural citizen of our country regardless of the citizenship status of the father and is thus eligible to become President of the Unites States. A baby born to a non-citizen parent and a parent who IS a citizen of the United States and who is born outside of this country or its territories is NOT Necessarily considered a natural born citizen and MAY NOT be eligible to become President of the Unites States. As the Constitution of the United Sates does not specifically define the term natural born citizen, for Ted Cruz to be President one would have to accept a re-interpreted version of the Constitution which of course a strict constructionist can not. Having written that, one must wonder why the Radical Republicans objected to the Presidency of Obama and questioned the constitutionality of it for so many years only now sending forward Mr. Cruz as a possible candidate. Could it be, dare I suggest, racism or ignorance? And until the Republican Party rejects those in its ranks who propose such illogical propaganda or those same kooks self-deport from that party, both of which happened following the Republican debacle of ’64, ALL members of that party must be seen as radical and all factions must be viewed as members of that party for unlike the Democratic Party the GOP MUST speak with one voice.

  • Walt Henry

    Readers, judge for yourselves. Richard pointed out facts about former Representative West’s military background and apparent temperament. Don’t we often use the past actions of a candidate to judge his/her worthiness to receive our vote? Yes, I know some will vote for a candidate just because they have the appropriate party label next to their name on the ballot. We really should vote for the person and not the party as was suggested by our founding father, George Washington.(There’s one of those pesky historical facts again.) I pointed out the claim Mr. Cruz has to natural born citizenship is more tenuous than that of our current President yet there is no outcry from the radical right and no apology to the current President for their mistaken behaviors either. I know Merle’s last comment is an attempt to “save face” while under the heavy weight of facts and history but the FACT remains, the treatment of Obama at the very start of his Presidency was either race based or the actions of ignorant people?

  • Walt Henry

    Did anyone else see Ted Cruz get “schooled” on Fox News Sunday?

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