Published 9:20am Friday, September 20, 2013

(First Publication September 8, 2013)

Summary of Minutes of the
(Full Text Available at the Office of the
County Administrator
or at under Board of Commissioners)
Otter Tail County Government Services Center
August 6, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners:

1. Called to order the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners meeting at 8:30 AM.

2. Approved payment of the County Board bills as follows.

3. Authorized Out-of-State travel for Patrick Waletzko, Emergency Manager, to attend the International Emergency Management Conference to be held in Reno, NV, October 26th through October 31st. Travel costs and lodging expenses will be reimbursed by the State of Minnesota.

4. Authorized the redetermination of County Drainage System #18 and #37.

5. Approved a letter of support for the continued operation of the Federal Courthouse in Fergus Falls, MN and the renaming of the Courthouse as submitted by the County Attorney.

6. Documented a satisfactory performance evaluation for Larry Krohn, County Administrator, based on an evaluation that occurred on July 9, 2013.

7. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute Amendment No. 1 to Grant Contract 3000017471 for the high speed voice and data network that routes and delivers emergency calls.

8. Renewed the University of Minnesota office space lease for Doug Holen, Extension Educator, for the next two years under the same terms and conditions as the previous lease.

9. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute Amendment No. 1 to a Consulting Services Agreement between the County of Otter Tail and Interstate Engineering, Inc. for S.A.P. 056-599-059, replacement of Old Bridge No. L0944 over the Leaf River on 530th Avenue in Deer Creek Township.

10. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute an Engineering Services Agreement between the County of Otter Tail and Interstate Engineering Inc., for S.A.P. 056-599-061, replacement of the existing structure over Spruce Creek in Eastern Township.

11. Awarded Phelps Mill Exterior Painting to the low bidder, Fresh Look Painting, LLC of Fergus Falls, MN in the amount of $6,000.00.

12. Approved funding from Otter Tail County, in the amount of $30,000.00, to be used towards the cost of a scoping document for the proposed recreational trail..

13. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-46. (Solid Waste Mgmt. Plan)

14. Changed the location of the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners’ meeting for Tuesday, August 20, 2013 to the New York Mills, MN County Offices to facilitate attendance at the employee picnic.

15. Approved the transfer of $623.86 from the Commissioners Budget to the County Employees’ Committee for the 2012 Employee of the Month Program expenses.

16. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute an agreement between the County of Otter Tail and the State of Minnesota DOC for the Sentencing to Service Program effective July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015.

17. Adjourned at 10:40 AM.
Warrants Approved On 8/06/2013 For Payment 8/06/2013

Vendor Name     Amount
A’viands LLC    3,737.05
Affiliated Computer Services    5,312.22
Anderson Land Surveying Inc    2,714.00
Auto Fix    62.03
Avery/Peggy    34.46
Backwood Welding    25
Bank Of The West    48.31
Battle Lake Auto Parts    34.89
Battle Lake Hardware & Rental    19.22
Bergquist/Richard    229.38
Beyer Body Shop INC    96.19
Bluestone Technologies Inc    6,300.00
Boen/David    60
Boyer/Rodney    261.87
Brandon Communications Inc    1,515.12
Brogard Plumbing Co    168.1
Bugbee/Wade    64.26
Carr’s Lake Country Supermarket    284.71
CDW Government Inc    2,281.81
Central States Wire Products Inc    7,268.23
Certified Auto Repair    110.36
Cline/Gordon    204.06
Code 4 Services LLC    1,591.33
Commissioner Of Transportation    464.58
Commissioner Of Transportation    150
Comstock Construction Of Mn    73,590.29
Coopers Technology Group    1,305.36
Culligan Water Conditioning    50.19
Dakota Printers LLC    20,100.00
Demuth/John    11.88
Dick Buss & Associates LLC    6,000.00
Duluth/City of    16.94
Egge Construction Inc    810
Fastenal Company    1,709.03
Foth Infrastructure & Environm LLC    7,765.10
Freitag/Michael    150
Galls LLC    481.27
Gene’s Sport Shop    4,061.25
Gill/Marion    790.41
Gilmore Weik Post 5252    200
Godel/Dawn    39.78
Godfathers Exterminating Inc    87.53
Government Manageme Group Inc    6,300.00
Griffin/Patrick    14.97
Hendrickx/Alan    53.67
Hoff/Marland    5,142.50
Holm/Sheldon    390.97
Information Systems Corp    785
Innovative Office Solutions    1,526.55
Integra Telcom    390.46
Interstate Engineering Inc    10,106.30
J & K Marine    188.97
J.P. Structures INC    457,980.86
JK Sports    402
Johnson/Michael    227.12
K.I.D. Leasing INC    303.35
Keeprs Inc    314.85
Kelly Services Inc    3,719.00
Kiefer Companies/The    191.37
Kinetic Leasing INC    752.4
Knutson Electric Rebuilding    347.34
Koster Moisure Tester INC    414.99
Lakes Radio    99
Larry Ott Inc Truck Service    2,155.00
Larson/Bernard    248.31
Leitch Excavating    891
Locators & Supplies Inc    121.45
M-R Sign Company Inc.    1,566.59
MARCO INC    3,891.25
Marco Inc St Louis    2,347.06
Mark Sand & Gravel Co    4,889.60
Matthew Bender & Company Inc    1,584.81
Mechanical Data Corp    2,800.00
Midwest Printing Co    444.01
Midwestern Mat Rental & Supp Co    164.47
Minnesota Law Review    40
Minnkota Enviro Services INC    53
MN Continuing Legal Education    906.48
Mn Office Of Enterprise Technolo    9,072.00
MN State Auditor    2,602.18
MN Viewers Assoc    300
Morey PHD/Eldon L    805
Myhre/Jim    37.86
Nelson Reporting Service    389.5
Newman Painting INC    675
Nice Threads    331
Officemax Incorporated    90.81
Olson Gravel INC    2,139.20
Olson/Berton    173.73
Otis Elevator CO    445.74
Otter Electric LLC    93
Otter Tail Co Sheriff’s Posse    1,015.39
Otter Tail Co Treasurer    4,243.43
Otter Tail Telcom    9,758.95
Ottertail Trucking Inc    10,704.24
Overland Insurance Agency    8,381.00
Palmer/George    245.2
Pebble Lake Auto Repair    1,011.85
Pelican Rapids Press    45.75
Perham Health    18
Phoenix Supply    1,409.31
Pine Plaza TV & Appliance    3,712.78
Pitney Bowes    3,451.01
Precise MRM LLC    280
Pro Sweep INC    1,235.00
Richville Community Sr Center    150
Ringdahl Ambulance INC    300
Roger Hutchins Tree Service    268.43
Royal Tire Inc    1,246.60
RRT Design & Construction    85,490.00
S.W.Inc    1,510.00
Safarieland LLC    895
SBLC FF    39
Schwartz/Robert E    567.82
Service Food Super Valu    11.97
Sewer Service    120
Sheils/Rick    49.93
Signworks Signs & Banners Llc    283.74
SimplexGrinnell    5,841.20
ST Cloud Fire Equipment CO    331.31
Staples Advantage    295.44
Steins Inc    2,977.33
Stewart’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC    347.34
Strand Hardware & Radio Shack    6.4
Streichers    1,174.73
Swanston Equipment Corp    6,257.50
Swartz/Leslie    18.65
Tag Up    35.38
This Weeks Shopping News    113.04
Thompson Reuters-West    3,281.12
Thorson/John    300
Tigges/Dennis    247.46
Tires Plus Total Car Care    1,013.78
TNT Repair INC    88.71
Tranquility Building Services    454.22
Uniforms Unlimited INC    32.06
Vandermay/Rodney    1,050.00
Victor Lundeen Company    273.78
Visual Gov Solutions LLC    177.34
Waletzko/Patrick    266.68
Warner Garage Door INC    761
Wass/David F    237.01
Waste Management    25,089.61
Wayne’s Toolwagon    395.36
Wells Road Grading    480
Western National Mutual Insuran Co    118,297.00
Wilson/Warren R    238.14
World Medical Government Solutions    781.93
Xerox Corporation    60.53
Yellow Medicine Co Sheriff Office    75
Ziegler Inc    523.69
Final Total:    987,083.07

Publication Date: September 8, 2013

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