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City looks for zero percent tax levy increase

Published 9:41am Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Updated 11:41am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zero percent. That’s the amount of increase, or lack thereof, that Fergus Falls taxpayers might see for their 2014 property tax levy.

The City Council Tuesday approved the proposed budget and tax levy for 2014. It also set a public meeting for 6 p.m. Dec. 2 to discuss the budget and tax levy before final approval is needed.

City Finance Director Bill Sonmor presented the proposed budget information Tuesday and made it clear that they’re talking about keeping the property tax levy the same as in 2013, which would be $4,702,107.

Even though the tax levy would remain the same, the overall city budget would increase about $3.2 million from $37.8 million in 2013 to $41 million in 2014.

One factor is Fergus Falls will see more Local Government Aid in 2014, about $59,000 more, to help out with general city operations. It’s about a 1.7 percent increase after the Legislature approved an $80 million increase in LGA back in May.

  • Elliot Dallavalle

    In an attempt to take credit from Gov. Dayton and the Democratic controlled legislature, this is what Kelby Woodard (R) published in the local Belle Plaine Herald:

    “The property tax simulation from non-partisan House research staff indicates taxes on existing properties will rise by $13 million under the budget Dayton and the Democrat majorities passed this year. Democrats in St. Paul continue to tout the fact they spent $400 million to reduce property taxes but, in actuality, they are still projected to rise.” — Woodard.

    He went on to blame the previous increases in property taxes on the city and township leaders because they failed to properly adjust their budgets accordingly. He said this: “We trust our local officials to make smart decisions and be good stewards of our tax dollars, but they make the final call on property taxes.”

    I hope, through this example, the good people of Fergus Falls will recognize that the Dems are the party of the people, unlike the Repubs who are the party of the wealthy. Putting them back in charge in 2014 will be like letting the fox back into the chicken coop. It won’t look pretty.

    • krank

      I totally agree Elliot…I hope people take notice during this time…There is a difference and from what I see, the is shown by what actually happens not by what is said. Wow the city is actually looking at a ZERO % INCREASE…zero…nothing….natta…I will take that to the bank and thank Gov. Dayton….thank you…

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