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Daily Journal computerizes printing process

Published 11:02am Monday, September 9, 2013

In a business that is over 140 years old, innovation is the key to longevity. Building on its tradition, the Daily Journal is turning to modern printing technology to continue serving its area customers.

The Journal recently started printing its daily newspaper, area weeklies and advertising inserts with a process known as computer-to-plate printing. The change to the new system comes is a welcomed improvement for those involved in the printing process.

“You can have this thing (the machine) running while you’re off doing other things and by the time you’re done it’s ready for you,” said Mark Lahaise, The Journal’s press foreman. “It really just makes the job much more efficient.”

Printing technology has been in a constant state of change since the first printing plate was set with movable type. Previously, The Journal used computer-to-film printing, where a computer file is printed as a photographic image on film and then transferred to a silver plate.

Now, images are sent directly to a machine that creates the plate so it can be moved right to the press. In a series of sweeps, rumblings and pressurized air spraying over the plate as it is cooled after lasers create the image, the new machine finishes the process in minutes.

The improvement is certainly dramatic. What used to be a ten-minute process transferring negatives to a plate now only takes a minute.

“This is the way newspapers are done now,” Journal Publisher Joel Myhre said. “We have a strong commercial printing business here, so we felt that we owed it to both our readers and our customers to invest in this technology that is going to result in both greater efficiency and quality.”

The new technology means customers can expect to see some improvement in what they see on paper as well. With the number of commercial jobs the Journal’s press is used for, the stream-lined system benefits both printer and consumer.

“It should result in better quality,” Myhre said. “There are a lot of factors that determine the quality of the print job, but not having to hand register negatives should result in better color quality for the newspaper and our commercial customers.”

In a business where product needs to be out as quickly as possible on a daily basis, the improved service speed and ease means the newspaper and printer can better meet future goals and challenges.

“This is the future and I’m grateful that our company has decided to invest in it,” Myhre said.

  • Mark Martenstone

    Next up, spell check.

  • kamso21

    All’s I ever see is people complaining about the Fergus Falls Daily Journal. Not you in particular. Just in general. Here’s the thing.. It’s the FERGUS FALLS daily journal. People expect that it’s some high top paper. This town is of what? 13,000 people now? It’s not some high tech journal. What the heck do you expect out of a small town? I would be okay if it were New York or something big, but this is nothing. It’s obvious that it’s amateur/metiocre. You don’t need a college degree to be a journalist in Fergus Falls. Chill out. Don’t like the articles paper puts in, don’t stinking read it. Find something else to spend your unimportant life on complaining about. Again, this is not towards you. It’s literally, in general, the people who sit and complain about the FERGUS FALLS DAILY JOURNAL. Cut the paper some slack.. Or get the heck out.

  • Frizzel

    Wait until they discover spell-check. It will open a golden age in the newpaper industry. BTW Kam, what are we supposed to “get the heck out” of, Fergus? If I or someone else has an opinion that differs from yours we should just get the heck out eh? Can I then mock from afar?

    • kamso21

      You read too far into my comment. I never said you didn’t have an opinion. I was just saying it’s a small town paper. Not professionals. People are expecting way too much out of them. Why do people read the paper, knowing that it’s going to “have mistakes” or “not give enough information” or whatever? That’s all. Lol.

      • Me Again

        Thanks Kam! I have been thinking the same thing! All people do on here is bash the writer. If they think they are so perfect and know everything why don’t they get a job at the paper and help them out or just not read it. It gets old seeing people just bash the paper in every comment box. The comment box is for comments about the topic of the article not how it was written or grammer problems.

      • Frizzel

        Now you’re saying the staff of the paper isn’t professional?? LOL, wow way to put them down. I’m sure most of them have degrees from actual schools and are not unemployed shlubs that couldn’t graduate the 8th grade. If we decide that since you don’t work for the Strib (which is even worse) or the New York Times that you shouldn’t be professional, you get sub-par. No matter your profession, you should always expect excellence no matter what. Also, you did insinuate that those w/ a differing opinion should get “Get The Heck Out”.

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