Fergus Falls senior David Schneck, a three sport athlete, is the son of David and Karen Schneck and is devoted to music off the field.
Fergus Falls senior David Schneck, a three sport athlete, is the son of Dave and Karen Schneck and is devoted to music off the field.

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Quality Toyota Sports Spotlight: David Schneck

Published 11:06am Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Updated 11:25am Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fergus Falls’ David Schneck is a man of many talents. When not on the soccer field, basketball court or tennis court, Schneck is known to be a great singer and committed student.

I sat down with Schneck to discuss his life growing up in Fergus Falls and his time at Kennedy Secondary School.

Q: You’re a three sport athlete (soccer, basketball, tennis), what sport are you really dedicated to?

A: I really love tennis, I play that the most out of all three sports. But I really enjoy playing both of my other sports.

Q: Your coach mentioned you’re a great singer. What groups do you sing with in high school?

A: A cappella choir, chamber choir, and this year I’m probably going to be in a men’s group that is going to start up.

Q: What do you sing?

A: Baritone

Q: Where has your singing taken you?

A: I tried out for the All State Minnesota Choir in February of last year and I made it, so this summer I went to a six day music camp where we sang about eight hours a day and performed a concert. We had really good conductors that were well known from around the country.

Q: Where is your favorite place to sing?

A: In my van (laughs) with my music I have in there.

Q: What is it that you sing along to?

A: Whatever’s playing I guess. Whatever I can sing to.

Q: Do you have a favorite artist?

A: Owl City

Q: Twitter, Myspace or Facebook?

A: I enjoy my Twitter. I’ve never had a Facebook or a Myspace. Twitter keeps me up to date with things.

Q: What is one thing that people don’t know about David Schneck?

A: When I was young, I had straight blond hair.

Q: Now that we’re on the topic of hair, would you say you have the best ‘fro in the CLC?

A: I’m not sure of any other guys who have ‘fros in the conference. Mine is pretty awesome (laughs). I’m just kidding, but I like my hair. I’m proud of it.

Q: What’s the upkeep?

A: Comb it in the mornings.

Q: What other things do you do besides play sports?

A: I really like my music. I’m in band, choir and orchestra. I really love to play the piano when I get home. It’s probably the first thing I do when I get home. I also enjoy watching movies.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Forrest Gump

Q: Anything else?

A: I do enjoy my video games.

Q: Do you have a favorite?

A: Pokemon all the way.

Q: You have to pick one Pokemon, who are you throwing out there for your first battle?

A: (Looks off in deep thought) Oh boy, in the first generation I choose Arcanine.

Q: Do you know that last year Mike Millard’s proclaimed himself a Pokemon master?

A: Of course I do.

Q: Did you ever find yourself in a Pokemon battle with Mr. Millard?

A: Not in a battle, but every once and a while he asked me for advice on his team.

Q: Favorite subject?

A: Math

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: That’s the question of the age I guess. I haven’t thought too much about it, but I could see myself being a teacher.

Q: Ten years ago, what did David Schneck want to be when he grew up?

A: It was probably an astronaut or a fireman or policeman I guess. Just average eight-year-old jobs that you want to be.

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