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Underwood ACT scores going up

Published 4:34am Tuesday, September 3, 2013 Updated 6:40am Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Underwood test scores

English Math Reading Science Comp.

2009 20.2 20.4 22.6 21.7 21.3

2013 22.5 24.6 23.9 23.5 23.8

State average 22.2 23.1 23.1 22.9 23


Underwood School received some very good news recently with ACT scores being at a five year high! ACT scores are derived from a standardized assessment of college readiness. Student scores for each school are then ranked against the state average. Minnesota has one of the highest ACT scores on average in the nation and therefore sets a fairly high standard. Over the last five years we have seen consistent year-to-year improvement in four out of the past five years with a continuing trend upwards. This trending upward is very exciting to see as it demonstrates that as a school we are making good on our goal to provide excellence in every program, every day.

Why are our ACT scores on the rise?

The number one reason is the students and parents that we are fortunate to work with on a daily basis. We are fortunate to work with a group of hard-working students. Our students daily demonstrate a desire to improve themselves, reach their goals, and develop as individuals. Our students take ownership in their school as evidenced by the large number of students who are involved in extracurricular activities such as fine arts and athletics competition. Students want to be here, they want to be a part of what Underwood has to offer.

We also have an incredibly supportive community as well as supportive parents who really value education. These scores could not be achieved unless there was a strong support for education on the part of our parents and community.

Underwood has great teachers who develop caring relationships with students and get to know them individually. Students work hard for teachers that they know care about them as individuals. Our staff members take an active interest in our student’s lives which helps foster a sense of community among all levels of the school.

The school board has also adopted a rigorous and relevant curriculum that not only meets our student’s needs, but also prepares them for additional training after high school. Three years ago, the school board started to make large investments into the creation of college level classes, technology, as well as the expansion of our high school course offerings. We now have numerous college credit classes embedded in our high school schedule that allow students to take rigorous college level classes while still being in the high school setting.

I am extremely proud of the students, teachers, paras, and parents. The work that the teachers and paras do in preparing our students for future endeavors is certainly paying off. I want to take the time to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to their profession. I would also like to add that students realize the importance of scoring well on the ACT exam and always do their best. We are very proud of the students and teachers who worked so hard to achieve these test results. There is a lot of work yet to be done as we can never settle for complacency and must continue to look towards improvement in every program, every day. Thank you to all of the students, parents, and community members for a job well done!


— John Hamann,

Principal, Underwood High School

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