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Health care system needs reform; give it a try

Published 2:42pm Thursday, October 3, 2013

A government shutdown by a faction of the Republican party that wants to derail a law: duly passed, affirmed by the Supreme Court, without even trying the law out to see if it works, is not the way of responsible government.

Things needed to change in our health care system. The Affordable Care act was the best that could have happened given the fights in 2010.

It is even a close copy of Mitt Romney’s law that is working in Massachusetts. The leading country of the world held hostage by ideologues. Uff da.

Now supposing the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak, and there comes a time for the Democrats to shut down the government to force the passage of immigration laws or gun laws. Would that sit well

in the country? I sincerely hope not and this shut down is as senseless as that.

We can only hope that it is brief before it does serious damage to our credit ratings, because if they take a hit, it will cost even more in interest money as we try to pay down the debt and the recovery would be over.

Norma Jensn


  • Richard Olson

    Can I burn your house down?


    Just the second floor?


    Let’s talk about what I can burn down.




  • Elliot Dallavalle

    Rep. Paulsan and Kline both said they would not vote for a shutdown and then they did just the opposite. Recently Paulsan said he hopes that the shutdown could be eliminated if the Obama administration decided to repeal the tax on medical devices. So now according to Paulsan and the rest of the Republicans in Congress it is perfectly acceptable to shut down the government, put hundreds of thousands out of work just so a limited number of wealthy businesses can receive a tax break? Hmmmmm!

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